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Star Trek: Hyperion (was: StarCraft)
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RE: Star Trek: Hyperion (was: StarCraft)
Updates to the ship itself can be one of the following:

Upgrade a single System by +1 (up to a maximum of 12).
Upgrade a single Department by +1 (up to a maximum of 5).
Gain a single Talent.

There are loads of ship talents available, but some of the more interesting ones might include:

Advanced Shields: Gain +5 Shields.
High Resolution Sensors: When not in combat, any successful sensors task gains a bonus Momentum.
Improved Hull Integrity: Gain +1 armor Resistance.
Improved Reaction Control System: When a maneuver would become more dangerous due to hazards or obstacles, reduce the difficulty by 1.
Modular Laboratories: At the start of each mission, you may reconfigure the labs to count as an Advantage for specific tasks or topics.
Quantum Torpedoes: Equip improved torpedo weapons.
Rugged Design: All checks to repair damage have their difficulty reduced by 1.

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RE: Star Trek: Hyperion (was: StarCraft)
I love that our NPCs also level up. I never even considered that.

Also, I think after last session pilot Wilton may have replaced Zyla as my favourite NPC... (Sorry Zyla!)

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26-10-2019 17:11:44
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