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Birthright: Sword and Crown
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RE: Birthright: Sword and Crown
03-07-2017 13:28:06
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RE: Birthright: Sword and Crown
Recount of final session (o.a. voor Ot, die ook zo lang meegespeelt heeft.) Players present: Melchior is Ulrick. Eelco is Veric, Tristan is Lars.

The heroes called all allies to help them stop the menace in Caerlinien, the capital of Cariele. The great Sword and Crown festival was about to commence and Ulrick, Veric and Lars were convinced something terrible and apocalyptic would happen there. They knew of a great ritual taking place in the caverns under the city at the site of an ancient and huge decaying dead tree.
A man they had correctly identified as a physical form of Cuiraécen had visited Lars’ temple and had collected the Lighting Spear artifact that Lars had kept safe for a decade. The god of Battle was already heading towards Cariele to try and fix the upcoming rise of shadow by smashing something. (much against the advise of his father, Haelyn, and the divine ruling that no god shall ever again battle in physical form, in effect since the Deismaar catastrophy)
They had later lost sight of Cuiraécen but had located the site of the evil ritual.
The heroes charged into the great cave with Lars wielding the Emperor’s scepter. Many allies had answered their call to arms: Dhoesone wizards, elves, Cuiraécen clerics, Tara, Atorin, Sergei, Fhylie the Sword, Afisa the Elinie paladin, Bendaron the Avan spy. ( The NPCs were given to PCs as extra characters to play)
The Storm giant Tempet remained outside, because he was too big to enter the caverns. ( I really thought the PC’s would find a way to have him join. Would have made a huge difference)
Their long standing foe Baltazar welcomed them. Baltazar was a genial Dwarf with a big smile and a friendly demeanor. Too bad he’s so damn evil. The Sorceror wanted Ulrick to become the dead shadow god Azrai reincarnate, something Ulrick had obviously been fighting against since as long as he could remember.
Baltazar had many minions: Zombie ogres, Evil dwarves and Azrai cultist.
There was a ritual being performed. Something with a black portal with an obvious connection to Baltazar. A figure was materialising out of shadow inside the portal.
The Heroes charged in! Beelining for Baltazar and the portal. Baltazar did lot of life drain, and some devastating spells.
It was a great battle.
Then Cuiraécen appeared, charged toward the evil sorceror wielding the great lightning spear artifact that Lars had kept for him for so long.
Baltazar could not stand against the god and was quickly vanquished.
Mira Radir, Grand Master of Haelyn’s Aegys joined the fight and had brought the great Guardian Knights of Mhoried. Too bad all these guys were Azrai followers.
The dying Baltazar apologised to Radir that he couldn’t finish the ritual and that he had been following a path to get Ulrick to vessel the the Shadow God reborn. He should have listened to Radir and have focussed on their original Vessel. Baltazar pleaded with Radir to ask his Prince to forgive him. Mira radir responed with “ask him yourself.’”
There was more fighting, and Lars and Cuiraécen destroyed the evil portal!
Then the Black Prince, the Gorgon, arrived on the scene, ready to claim the dark divine essence that the ritual would release. The god of battle charged the Gorgon and a great battle ensued. Although, the battle wasn’t so great, as the Gorgon swiftly defeated the Stormlord, while exclaiming that this god was not a god at all, but a whiny child of a man he had so long ago taught everything about swordplay. The Prince struck down the Stormlord and ran his great Bloodsilver greatsword through the God’s heart.
The great god of strength and battle died in that cave in a giant surge of divine energy. All of it absorbed by the Gorgon, laughing maniacally. The god’s essence would clearly allow him the divine ascension he had been craving.
The heroes and their allies were blown away by the force. Lars and his clerics instantly felt the absence of their god. Lars charged the Gorgon in a never before seen rage. Ulrick followed his brother to certain death.
Lars picked up the Lighting Spear and sticks it in Gorgon. Gorgon turns his gaze to Lars..
Ulrick rushes the Gorgon, grabbing him and and disappearing together to shadow world. (A trick he sparingly uses because of Azrai’s lingering precence in the Shadow dimension). There Azrai’s essence was waiting for them. Ulrick Wolfbane and Raesene the dark Prince fused in the essence of shadow and so very much raw divine power. The figure of the Dark horseman, the only physical imprint that the shadow god had left joined in the fusing and they would slowly become the unholy essence of Azrai. Azrai consumes them all. Azrai is weak but returned. Shadow world withdraws and the Veil between the dimensions strengthens. For now.


Lars returns victorious to the world, he vanquished the Gorgon and saved the day. Gorgons armies that were rampaging through Mhoried, Ghoere and Elinie are disposed of after Anuirians rally to Lars’ banner. With the Emperor's Crown and Imperial Regalia, Lars is directly seen as the new aspiring emperor. Kalien gives the Sword of Roele as promised.
The church of Cuiraécen the Martyr is still strong. Their philosophies and ideas are powerful with many followers.
Everywhere in the world, Awnshegh, those tainted by the unholy blood of Azrai somehow disappear. They return to human or goblin form and then perish into dust.
With the defeat of many evils in the world, a New age of prosperity is ushered. Lars does not age, he will be Emperor for the coming Age of Men. The great tribes join the Anuirians in one great Empire. Rjuvans, Brechtur and Khinasi rejoice. Even Goblins are treated as equals in the Empire, as Ulrick the Great had taught when he had united the Five Peaks.
Veric the Venerable returns in every generation as the imperial wizard. The wizard colleges are reinstated and the Order of Wizards bring greatness to the world.
Ulrick is never heard from again. His brother honors him as the First General of the new Empire and the goblins, orogs, trolls and humans of the Peaks remember him as the first chairman of the high counsel and the great uniter of peoples.
150 years later, the Emperor looks out from his great palace at Storm Hold. On a nearby hill, A grey, mangy wolf howls in the distance.

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RE: Birthright: Sword and Crown
(13-06-2018 08:00:03)JLT* Wrote:  The Storm giant Tempet remained outside, because he was too big to enter the caverns. ( I really thought the PC’s would find a way to have him join. Would have made a huge difference)

If only he had made a large difference, then he would've been able to join…

Cool story.

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