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Miscellaneous (RPGs in general)
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RE: Miscellaneous (RPGs in general)
This is a copy-paste from elsewhere. It's quite long, it's wordy, and it talks about an RPG you don't know.

But it's worth the read. Oh my, this is worth the read.

Quote:[Image: ckVJmSG.jpg]
Obsidian: The Age of Judgement is a roleplaying game by Apophis Consortium published first in 1999, and this review uses the 2nd Edition from 2001. Written by Micah Skaritka, Dav Harnish, and Frank Nolan. Obsidian is a post-apocalyptic anarchist corporatist literal hell on earth secret knowledge crunchy dice-pool game. It is purchasable online here if you’d like to support the authors of this work.

Part 9: What is the Latin for “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru”?

We left off last time just having wrapped up the combat rules, so let’s go even further with how poorly conceived they are even for just a starting character. We’ll start by building a character who exploits the gunplay system to its maximum and then we’ll build a character who is game-destroyingly broken from a combat perspective yet doesn’t interact with a single mechanic from the combat chapter.

With no further delay, we introduce you to the first of our examples; Lazarus Manusmortem

We start by selecting Lazarus’ Ethos, and looking over the options note that two of them give bonuses to Knowledge stat and none give bonuses directly to Dexterity, the stat that controls how often he goes in combat. Therefore we have to pick the Ethos “Corporate” which instead of making him tied to the occult aspects of this game makes him a valued asset of a corporation and committed to advancing in their ranks.

For that he gets a +1 rank to two different Attributes of his choice so we’ll take +1 to Dexterity and +1 to Perception. The perception is just for flavor, at rank 3 perception lets him “spot a credbase across the room” which sounds good for our little corporate climber. Also as part of his Corporate package he gets a major contact, so he selects an arms dealer, which lets him legally buy weapons of any class, and he gets 15 corporation points which we’ll assign later as they’re a whole nother subsystem covered in another chapter.

Next, Lazarus needs a primary and secondary Social. As a primary, he takes Executive, which gives him another major contact where he selects a cyber-implanter this time, another 10 corporation points, 3 weeks pay from his corporation (this will eventually be 1,800 credits), and +2 ranks to the Manipulation Skill. As a secondary, he takes Contractor which gives him +1 rank to Dexterity, an Assassin’s License and 1,500 more credits. Our Corporate climber is now Lazarus Manusmortem, Senior Vice President of External Human Relations who is RIP9000 and SixSixSixSigma certified.

We then roll for SVP Lazarus’ stats, getting 16 Lethal HP, 10 Non-Lethal HP, 5,000 more credits, and 3 Spirit.
After that it is time to spend Lazarus’ 20 generation points, which go to raising Dexterity to maximum rank of 5, pushing the Firearms skill to its max rank at character creation of 6, and the remaining points to raise the Lift skill to rank 4.

With that all done, it is time to spend those 25 corporation points. 16 points are spent to give Lazarus the perfect resume to get hired by a Level 4 corporation that is a Cybernetics Designer, 4 points are spent to get Lazarus a well deserved promotion, one point to get a 50% discount on all of the company’s products, and the last 4 points to get 2 months pay in advance for 6,400 credits.

The corporation, being level 4, then has 45 points to spend improving itself. For this combat example, we only need to spend four points to give everyone in our corporation free guns up to Class 3. Everything else is unecessary, but presumably we spend it in the way that gets Lazarus the finest techno-mahogany credits can buy. Thanks to giving everyone in the corporation free guns, Lazarus doesn’t even have to pay for the gun “Riot Control 13” which his Assassin’s License and arms dealer contact make him legal and registered to use.

With our pay advances and savings and rolled cash, Lazarus has 12,900 credits to spend. He doesn’t want to just stay a human, and with 20 humanity points he can spend 4 of them without an repercussions on cybernetics. Luckily, the company Lazarus works for makes them and he gets to buy them at 50% discount due to the point we spent earlier. Lazarus is itching to get the most out of the free gun he got, so he elects for the extremely experimental BioBoosters at max rank of 3 spending 8,000 credits. Lazarus knows the item lets him treat his Dexterity Attribute as if it was three ranks higher, but due to the poorly written instruction manual he’s not sure if it makes all his skills under Dexterity 3 ranks higher or just gives him +9 to any roll using those skills. He decides it must be the latter as the former is just too ridiculous.

Feeling newly invincible, Lazarus decides that armor is for chumps and spends all of the rest of his money on nearly 50 magazines of Class 3 ammo with tracer rounds.

Lazarus Manusmortem is now best summarized as the following:
8 Dexterity
6 Firearms
1 Riot Control 13 Gun

[Image: pkN898P.jpg]
Lazarus and his personal assistant

Now let’s get our SVP into combat with someone, and since Lazarus is climbing the ranks and a real go-getter, he picks a max-health enemy corporation rival wearing the highest value combat armor riding inside a tank. The opposing target has 64 Armor over the entire body (24 personal + 40 tank) with 36 Lethal Health (they invested in Strength to get that bonus health).

Combat begins and Lazarus loses the initiative roll, but before Lazarus’s opponent can go as Lazurus Dexterit is higher, Lazarus spends 1 turn to ignore intiative order and go first. He uses this turn to then spend a turn aiming for a +2 ranks to hit. He then does this 2 more times while his foe can only helplessly stare on, for a total of +6 ranks to aim. Then on his last boosted to go first action to fire full auto for another +2 to aim and thanks to using tracer rounds he gets a final +1 to aim so he decides to shoot aiming at their head which is -3 ranks to aim and his gun has a -1 penalty to aim. The opponent, luckily, was already traveling at 60 miles per hour which reduces Lazarus’ aim by another 3 ranks.

The max range for Lazarus’s gun is 700 ft, so let’s assume he’s standing exactly 700 ft away from the target. All ranges of over 120 ft are considered an impossible check. The opponent has wisely managed to lower Lazarus’ accuracy by 7 ranks beyond that, but unfortunately, Lazarus has a +9 ranks to Firearms at this point, so instead of looking at an impossible check, he’s looking at a skill check that is merely “Difficult”. As you may recall, based on your ranks in an associated skill you may not even have to do the check, which thanks to Lazarus’ 6 Firearms skill rank, means he automatically succeeds at all Difficult checks with no need to roll.

With a hit on the opponent’s head, we now roll Lazarus’ damage. Full auto uses every bullet in the clip, but for every five bullets one additional point of damage is dealt. The Riot Control 13 has a special property, it carries two clips of ammunition that it fires if used full auto, doubling the ammo consumed but also doubling the damage. The number of bullets though, is all that matters for calculating the number of hits the full auto mode will deal. This means Lazarus’ attack consists 14 hits of 6d10 damage. Remember, every hit that lands in the same place stacks damage before armor is subtracted at the end. The head’s maximum health is actually only 1/3rd the total lethal HP, so we only need to deal 13 points of damage after armor.

On average, Lazarus Manusmortem does 398 damage to the opponents head, after reducing the damage from armor.

But what if the other character is actually a teeny-tiny mouse, they’re dodging around inside the tank, going its max speed of 200 miles an hour, and was in the middle of moving around inside the tank between cover and Lazarus has decided he’s ok with having to roll for the difficulty? Well unfortunately for the person he’s shooting at, every reduction to aiming doesn’t actually add any number directly to the skill check, it simply makes it one more rank difficult. The game is actually weirdly explicit about this, probably a mistake caused by using natural language here, but it has a very very bad outcome. There is no rank more difficult than “Hopeless”, so the maximum difficulty for shooting at someone as a skill check is 24. Lazarus has 6d6 to roll when he uses the firearm skill, and his bio boosters give him an additional flat +9 to the roll so, on average, Lazarus rolls a 30 for this check.

There is basically no opponent Lazarus can’t simply turn order jump in front of and instantly shoot to death, and can do this to four opponents a round.

Lazarus can’t beat the next character we create no matter how hard he tries

Let’s introduce you to Lilith Kapital.

[Image: y49IsWi.jpg]
It’s already too late, you know that somewhere, somehow, she exists

Lilith actually chose the same Ethos and Socials as Lazarus, but she’s not even going to worry about herself and is going to devote herself entirely to her corporate career. She’s going to use her generation points to boost her corporation, Lilith Kapital, LLC of which she is the only member, which gives giving her 20 more points for a total of 45 corporation points to start with. She’ll spend 24 of these to join a Class 6 corporation, something on par with the Government of the Zone, and 16 points to schmooze the right people to get herself promoted to the highest level you can buy your way into, Rank 4. She doesn’t need the five leftover points and presumably donates them to a charity that prepares children for a career by crushing their hopes and dreams.

The corporation she joins, being Class 6, has 90 points to spend improving itself. The company she works for spends all of these points buying the corporation feature “Fear and Respect” 9 times. This skill makes it so that members of the corporation get two terror points per rank in the corporation per purchase of this feature + the class of the level of the corporation. Lillith is rank 4 position in a corporation, meaning each purchase of this skill is worth 8 terror points to her, for a total rating of 78 after including the corporation level of 6. For comparison sake, the highest terror rating by any monster in the book is 25.

Anyone who is in range of any sensory stimuli of her, or attempts to interact with her mechanically like by combat, or as the book states are simply aware that Lilith exists at all must make a Restraint Skill check with the difficulty score equal to her Terror Rating. A starting character can have up to a Restraint rank of 6, for a maximum possible roll of 36 compared to Lilith’s terror rating of 78.

Anyone who fails a terror rating induced restraint skill check by 24 or more immediately dies from the fear.

Upon completing character creation everyone who ever knew Lilith dies immediately, anyone who sees or hears her dies, anybody who tries to lay a trap for the thing that killed everyone else dies because their trap had to interact with her, and presumably everyone else left alive dies because after realizing that something is killing everyone else the idea that something could do that is, itself, Lilith which triggers a terror rating check.

Maybe players should stick to the overpowered firearms if they’re going to play Obsidian.

Next Time: A Monthly Crate of Random Rules

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RE: Miscellaneous (RPGs in general)
jesus XD

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RE: Miscellaneous (RPGs in general)
(07-08-2018 10:05:51)nar Wrote:  jesus XD

No, Jesus has left the world where that game is the world.

More like holy eldritch horror...

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RE: Miscellaneous (RPGs in general)
When do we play?

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