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Just a bit of venting
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Just a bit of venting
And then, out of nowhere, I want to vent a bit.

I'm always the GM. And I like being a GM! Don't get me wrong. But I do have two things bugging me.

First, I also like being a player. Doesn't have to be weekly, just... you know. Every now and then? Wolf had a game, but that stopped. Eelco has a small game once a year (which was pretty good this year!), but that's not enough. Ot has a game, in theory, but that's about to end as well.

Second, besides my regular (bi-)weekly games I have some ad hoc games; Dark Sun, Birthright, and Star Trek. Dark Sun is doing well. The other two, not as much. People rarely ever ask when we can play again. I do ask them occasionally, but nothing seems to come of it. More than a week ago I asked in the Star Trek whatsapp when people would be available. Only about half the players put in a real response.

And look, it's not about any specific incident or whatever. And I know you're all busy people, most of you with children as well. If you can't play, you can't play. And if you can't play, you certainly can't run anything either. I get that.

And yet, "getting it" doesn't really help my situation. Because I'm spending time and energy on games that will never happen - or at least, so uncommonly that it might as well be never.

So for now I have some ideas. Note that these are not final, they are just posted here so they're open for discussion, because this affects some of you as well. Feedback is very much welcome.

Monday game:
Stays as it is.

Tuesday games:
Stay as they are. I've managed to get every Tuesday free from work so I always have some prep hours on the day itself. That said, if someone could take over the Anima Tuesday for me, even if just for a one-shot in between, I would like that.

Bi-weekly Sunday game:
Once Ot is done, I will not be replacing him as a GM for at least the rest of 2019. Perhaps in early 2020, we'll see.

Ad hoc Dark Sun:
Stays as it is, hoping we can retain that momentum. (Pun not intended.)

Ad hoc Birthright:
Stops. Interest and/or opportunity seem to be too low.

Ad hoc Star Trek (USS Manhattan):
Incredibly, even with a cast of seven players it's proving real challenging to get a workable group of three or four players together on the same day. Fortunately for me, I've got my Star Trek fix elsewhere on one of the Tuesdays. So I'm fine with this stopping as well.

Again, these are ideas which are not set in stone. Maybe someone else runs Birthright for a bit, for example. (Yeah I know, I know...) Or maybe we drop some of those ad hoc games and we replace them with some other ones (not as if I lack games which I still want to try), with smaller and more available groups to ensure things actually keep on ticking for a while.

Finally, I want it to be clear that I'm not planning to stop certain games to punish people or something. It's just an observation that some of these games don't work out in a way I'm satisfied with them. And if they don't work, well, they don't work.

Other people running stuff would be very appreciated.

Alternatively, some of you may need to miss out on certain future games as I move to leaner, more available groups.

Either way, that's my vent.

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19-10-2019 19:05:22
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RE: Just a bit of venting
Geen energie in games stoppen die je toch niet speelt is zeker geen schande

19-10-2019 20:13:17
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RE: Just a bit of venting
I'm willing to run Blades in the Dark for a bit on Tuesdays maybe. Nothing too splashy, but it would help me get into it as well. I know Wolf isn't necessarily a fan of it, but if it's for a good cause, aka help 2 people, maybe? Wink

And I understand your frustration. I haven't had it at your scale, but trying to get things together eventually gets to you, if the feedback isn't as forthcoming as you'd like (or need, given the minimum players needed to even get started). - NaNoWriMo prep & onwards, writin's the main topic.
19-10-2019 20:29:34
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RE: Just a bit of venting
I've only ever tried running something once, and that didn't go amazingly because I didn't know the system and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Also, I have some doubts about my suitability as a GM in general. That being said, I could try running a one shot or possibly a small campaign as long as I get some sympathetic players who don't mind the occasional fumble by an inexperienced GM. I'm thinking for those Sunday evenings at our place, or I could try running an episode on our Star Trek Tuesday, because that system is doable and I know and love the setting. Would that be something? Maybe start off gently with something precooked, before diving headfirst into a full on world building adventure? I'm willing to try, if that helps at all?

(also, totally agree with Mel)

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20-10-2019 06:32:31
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RE: Just a bit of venting
I might consider taking over birthright. I'll stew on that idea for a bit.

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20-10-2019 16:54:12
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