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[Eberron / 13th Age] Lucky Number 13
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RE: [Eberron / 13th Age] Lucky Number 13
Two and a half years later...

We're done! The campaign is over! People lived, people died... then lived again. It was complicated, ok?

And with that said, I present some options on what we could do with our Mondays.

1. Micro-Games

The typical campaign assumption is that you go on "forever" like a tv show that keeps getting renewed, but it doesn't have to be like that. You can also do things like a movie: one, two, or three sessions for a game and then it stops. Next time, some other movie. You wouldn't really bond with your characters as deeply but you do get to experience a lot more diverse games. Plus, you can do things you normally wouldn't. Like, if this is a 1-session game, who cares if you turn out to be the secret traitor and you end up fighting the other PCs to the death? (Ok you wouldn't want to do that every week obviously but you know what I mean.)

Note: about half of these would probably take place within the Nihao Honey-verse. We'd also see a number of translated Japanese RPGs, which are quite different from what you're used to!

2. Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a D&D 4e campaign setting and adventure path, which takes you from level 1 all the way to 30 over the course of 13 adventures. This option would be the most familiar to you all. And with a small player base and no access to crazy magazine materials, the system should hold up still at high levels.

3. The System Shuffle

There's lots of cool settings which are let down by a system which doesn't quite work for us. Exalted. Eclipse Phase. The Iron Kingdoms. Just to name a few. But we can put a new system into it and it works very well, just like we did Shadowrun with Blades in the Dark. Which system? Well... that depends on which setting you want and what you want to do in it.

Exalted's setting using the 2d20 Modiphius system? Very much a possibility, for example.

4. Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

So imagine a post-apocalyptic world. Is it Mad Max? Fallout? Nausicaa? The Last of Us? Beautiful Desolation? Nier Automata? Adventure Time?!
Could be anything!

Legacy lets you play as a whole faction, plus their king/spokesperson/envoy. And as the ages roll by, your faction remains but the representative might not. You all try to survive the world after The Fall and cooperate... or not. This is a harsh place after all and sometimes two factions want something but only one of them can get it. Will diplomacy win? Or does war never change?

This game is Blades in the Dark-esque, where dice steer stories and you're presented with interesting choices. And what was The Fall anyway? Well, you create the world by choosing your factions/characters. Are you AI remnants grouped up with nomads who can communicate with giant Godzilla-monsters? Well I don't know for sure, but The Fall probably had something to do with those giant Godzilla-monsters. You know, just saying.

5. Plain 'n Simple Fantasy

Maybe you just want to play D&D, except not literally D&D. That's cool. We can do the exact same kind of fantasy-adventurer setup, except we'd use a game like Savage Worlds, Unity, or Shadow of the Demon Lord (minus the icky stuff). Specifics to be determined.

6. Overwatch-ish

Ok maybe a weird choice, as none of you have played this game I think, but hear me out.

Overwatch's setting is often described as "bright cyberpunk, as animated by Pixar."

It's got fun goofy shit. Uplifted gorilla scientists, madman Aussie criminals on a rampage, cyborg ninjas, and giant robots.
It's also got serious shit. War, terrorism, conspiracies, and assassinations.
And somehow it manages to balance the two pretty well.

Do you need to know the setting? Nah, that's where the "-ish" part comes in. This is not about emulating the videogame or its story. But the overall vibe is cool, soft-science-bordering-on-magic cyberpunk without all the mirrorshades and trenchcoats. Near-future heroes who bring some light into a world which could really use some.

7. Both? Both!

No need to limit ourselves to one option. We can do fantasy-Lancer, like a remixed Iron Kingdoms. Or do Zeitgeist but in between each adventure-chapter we insert a micro-game for a session or two. Or something else.

What you need to understand about the apocalypse is that you aren't Mad Max. You're part of the skull pyramid in the background.
07-12-2020 23:28:59
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