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[Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 21-03-2016 17:01:13

Time we gave this baby a proper thread and make it all official.

Santa Muerte

California was out of friends, out of cash, and they lost Los Angeles – and San Francisco would soon be next. To assure their own citizens and attract foreign investors, the mayor of Santa Paloma proposed a bold (and to him personally highly lucrative) plan: to merge his city with Santa Eva and San Moreno into one metroplex sprawl. The lands in between them would be rapidly developed and urbanized, leaving plenty of fresh space ready for mega-corps to build grand new enclaves and research facilities. The plan was approved and nearby Steelport was later also devoured into the greater whole to enhance the infrastructure.

Officially the place is the Greater Santa Paloma Metroplex, or simply Santa Metro (a piece of incorrect Spanish grammar that annoys purist Latinos to no end). But only official documents and tourists use those names. The locals know the city by her real name: Santa Muerte.

The experiment was a mixed success. Mega-corps showed some lukewarm interest and built their new facilities but not quite to the extent that California needed to make the investments worth it.

The most infamous monument to optimistic folly is the Cage; imagine a sky-scraper some 80 stories tall. Now instead of just a thin needle, stretch out its sides so that it becomes a giant wall. Now take that wall and make it a rectangular box, surrounding a park and mall in the middle. Welcome to the Cage.

Oh, except that the place is now filled to double capacity with the poor and disenfranchised – illegal immigrants, criminals, and unpopular metatypes. That park we promised? Yeah sorry that’s been replaced with illegally built extensions to the mall. The entire insides of the box have been overgrown with a multi-layered labyrinth of Asian toko, middle-Eastern bazaar, shanty town, and gang territory. You can’t even imagine the smell of a Californian summer heating up an improvised city block filled with people, foreign spices, and a complete lack of airco or proper sewer access.

Still, the Cage is just a single block of eyesore. It’s easy to spot and to avoid. The old city centers are spacious and beautiful, the suburbs are comfortably quiet, and the corporate enclaves are safe. The beaches are a great place to party and with the loss of L.A. there are some who consider the San Moreno area to be the new Hollywood. There are corrupt politicians, the cops strike more often than not, and the mega-corps are building new secrets every day. Santa Muerte is full of opportunity for shadowrunners.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 21-03-2016 17:26:38

nifty ^^

it's a bit late, but as requested, here're Chris's powers:

Cost: 0.25 PP per level Activation: Simple Action

Cost: 0.5 PP per level

Cost: 0.25 PP per level

Cost: 0.5 PP per level

Cost: 0.5 PP per level

Cost: 0.25 PP per level

Cost: 1 PP

Cost: 0.5 PP Activation: Simple Action

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 21-03-2016 17:50:43


These are your rivals, your allies, your victims, your employers. The numbers after the names list their current rank - the higher their rank, the bigger and more powerful they are.


Tokyo Garden IV
This is a hotel-resort that is not at all the front for a rogue battalion of the Japanese Imperial Marines, who deserted when California took back the Japanese-occupied city of San Francisco.

The Club III
Politicians, celebrities, bankers, and other rich folk working together for their common good. They have no real official name or club house but everybody knows they exist.

Red Lantern Association III
Chinese Triad working mainly in the "service" industries of prostitution, drug trade, and human trafficking.

Tarasov Bratva III
Russian organized crime. Extortion and "legitimate business" investments.

101 Raiders II
Modern day highwaymen, hijacking and robbing along the 101 highway.

Eternals II
Strictly elf-only gang. Deals in illegal magic, prostitutes, and smuggling. Also known for taking hit contracts on trolls.

Halloweeners II
A fearsome street gang who steal and kill. Love using fire.

Professor Fairgrey II
An arcane theories professor at the local university who needs more funding and specimens for experiments, and doesn't let ethics stand in the way of getting either.

San Quentin Mob II
Extremely violent street gang. The goal of each member is to end up in San Quentin, California's only prison with a death row. Every bitch dies, but real men get their own wikipedia page.

Silicon Souljaz II
A hacker collective turned street gang. That sounds really funny, until you realize that modern hackers can brick your car, your gun, and your cyber-implants.

Weirdboyz II
A wizgang, predominantly ork but open to all metatypes. They revel in garish colors and shock value theatrics. Very open to GLBTQ members but mostly in a fetishized kind of way. (Think Clockwork Orange meets Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with more orks and guns.)

88 Brotherhood I
88 = HH = Heil Hitler. In other words, your typical neonazi scum.

Blue Sideshow Gang I
Blue being the color of Scotland and also standing for "Bastards, Lunatics, Undesireables and Eccentrics." A very large gang back in bonny Scotland that managed to spread out over the world.

.exeCute I
A mostly female splinter group of the Silicon Souljaz, who split due to differences in gender politics. (The Souljaz combine the respect for women of typical street gangs with the emotional maturity of internet trolls.)

Merlyns I
A fun-loving if slightly geeky wizgang.

Nitro Monarchs I
A thrillgang who spend their nights shooting themselves full of drugs and doing everything that seems like a good idea at the time.

South Bank G’s I
African-American gang consisting mostly of orks and trolls. The G stands for both "gangsta" and "goblinoid".

City Institutions

These are self-explanatory and don't need separate descriptions.

City Hall V
Aztlan Consulate IV
Lone Star Security Services IV
Oakfield Penitentiary IV
District Attorney III
Pueblo Corporate Council Consulate III
Santa Paloma Times III
Tir Tairngire Consulate III
C.A.S. Consulate II
Fire Brigade II
Santa Paloma Metroplex Police Department II


Ah, the mighty AAA-rank megacorporations. If you need to know more about them, consult the official Shadowrun wiki.

Ares Macrotechnology V
Aztechnology V
Horizon V
Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries V
Evo Corporation IV
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies IV
Renraku Computer Systems IV
Shiawase Coproration IV
Wuxing, Inc. IV

Street Cults

A crossbreed of gang, modern day shamanism, and sect. Some of them are mostly harmless. The ones that managed to get on this list aren't. Patron spirits have been listed in (parentheses).

Santa Muerte Cartel (Dark King) III
The prime latino cartel who worship Santa Muerte herself (as an aspect of the Dark King spirit). Take all the worst qualities of a drug cartel, a death cult, and Aztec-style human sacrifice and you've got the picture. Their street soldiers are sometimes also called "Blancos" for their skull-like facepaint or "las mochasorejas" which means "the ear-choppers". I'm sure you can figure out for yourself why that might be.

Apex Crew (Shark) III
Modern day pirates. Not the fun, Disney movie kind either. They're privateers who roam the shipping lanes, hunting for the lowest bidder.

California Night Pack (Wolf) II
Worship of the wolf-spirit has spread amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs, resulting in this local chapter of 1-percenter shamans.

Santa Eva Park Gang (Moon Maiden) II
A female-dominated street gang. Deals in a lot of drugs and extortions. Men who mistreat women within earshot of Eva Park get their balls quite literally ripped off.

13th Street Storm Crows (Thunderbird) I
Street cult with vague native American overtones. Small group but their destructive magic lets them punch above their weight.

Hoodrats (Rat) I
Not much of a gang, more like a shared faith and alliance between homeless people. They're urban survivors, not career criminals.

Perros Locos (toxic aspect of Dog) I
Sometimes spirits go bad. When they do, you end up with something like the Locos. Thoroughly wild, untrustworthy, and violent.

Labor & Institutions

Miguel L. Torres International Airport III
'Crooked' doesn't even begin to describe the management of this airport. What started as a smuggling operation eventually blossomed into a bizarre network of corruption and crime. Wealthy passengers may need to bribe local security or get slapped with trumped up terrorism charges.

Dockworkers Union II
There's a lot of smuggling going on the docks. Although slower, many criminal enterprises prefer to deal with the dockworkers rather than the airport.

Humanis Policlub II
Officially a "pro-human" club who organize fun afternoons for the whole family, in reality they're the kind of anti-everything organization who wear white robes with pointy hants.

San Moreno General Hospital I
The hospital is a reasonably safe and crime-free environment... but if you need treatment and don't want to appear in official records, it doesn't hurt to know which doctors can be bribed.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - goldylox - 03-04-2016 20:07:54

Yip yip yip.

Food and stuff Smile

1: Paksoistamppot
2: Couscous van de fakir
3: Koolvis met kikkererwten
4: Bladspinazie met Runderworstje en krieltjes

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 03-04-2016 20:23:48

Slight preference for 1 or 2.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - voh - 04-04-2016 06:46:30

Strong preference for 4, secondarily for 1.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 04-04-2016 08:31:49

as usual, they all sound good to me ^^ should #4 be chosen, i would like to request a preposterous amount of krieltjes Wink but they're honestly alllll goooooood with me!

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - voh - 04-04-2016 19:40:30

Crew faction status:

+1 Nitro Monarchs
+1 District Attorney
+1 Professor Fairgrey
+1 San Moreno General Hospital
-1 Perros Locos
-1 88 Brotherhood
-1 Eternals
-1 Red Lantern Association

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 04-04-2016 21:18:39


RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - goldylox - 10-04-2016 19:51:02

So diner suggestions Smile

1: Taco's a'la Ben
2: Noodles met kippendij
3: Runderchipolata met aubergine en kriel
4: Mystery meat with supries veggies and unknown carbs Smile

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 10-04-2016 20:03:43

I have heard legendary things about the Ben-taco. I must experience this.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - voh - 10-04-2016 23:50:36

Taco Ben's Tacolicious Tacos.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 11-04-2016 10:54:31

i'm also down with my tacos! the other options're cool too, tho i gotta admit to not really being enthusiastic about "Mystery meat with supries veggies and unknown carbs" Wink

if we're doing "my" tacos, how do y'all want to go about it? am i cooking tonight? is jeroen (or someone else) going to try his and at this meal? shall i post a definitive shopping list so that the stuff can be bought in advance? shall i get my butt to town here in hoofddorp and do the shopping this afternoon? i'm pretty flexible Smile

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 11-04-2016 13:14:29

aight, so i can get outside now. i'll do shopping Smile

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 11-04-2016 14:08:48

so i was ~98% successful: the avocados here were solid as little green rocks and there were no eetrijp ones hanging around; i also didn't pick up cheese. i normally don't use cheese with this meal, but i remembered robin saying it might be a nice addition. don't suppose someone could grab either of these two items, if desired?

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 11-04-2016 14:14:11

Jeroen and I will probably meet up at the AH, so that's no problem.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 11-04-2016 14:18:39

wikkid ^^

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - goldylox - 11-04-2016 14:34:55

Will do, will do.

Awesome that you allready have bouhgt the stuff :0

If you need anything else: let us know Smile

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - goldylox - 17-04-2016 20:48:10

We on tomorrow?

If so, here are the foodsuggestions Smile
1: Sesam-Runderballetjes met ketjapnoodles en paksoi
2: Mexicaanse bonenstoof met zwarte bonen
3: Pasta met broccoli en runderbraadworst
4: Kip met komkommer in oestersaus

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 17-04-2016 20:51:18

Yes. I would prefer 1, 3, or 4.

I'll also say that tomorrow we won't play the game, but we'll fix the game. Because I've come to realize that there's a couple of factors that prevent us all from using the game to its best potential.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - nar - 18-04-2016 08:37:42

allemaal prima! ^^

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - voh - 18-04-2016 10:15:08

Then I pick 4, because I don't think we've had that one yet, or I at least don't remember it as vividly as the others Wink

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 22-04-2016 14:18:33

Could I get a quick overview of the contacts/friends the PCs have? Names, jobs, and which ones are especially positive or negative towards your characters? That's all I need at this moment, I don't require backstories or anything.

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - voh - 22-04-2016 23:09:45

Magic Larry:
+ Nyryx, an elemental
- Roper, occult investigator
  Delilah, a fixer
  Hex, a talismonger
  Aztec, a wizgang street soldier

+ Ishii, an arms dealer
- Regina, a vicious thug (though Jeroen wrote down visc. thug, so I guess she's viscous? :D)
  Trevor, a fixer
  Pierce, a street doctor
  Zen, a dojo master

RE: [Shadowrun / Blades in the Dark] Santa Muerte - SageGenesis - 23-04-2016 15:11:37

(22-04-2016 23:09:45)voh Wrote:  Regina, a vicious thug (though Jeroen wrote down visc. thug, so I guess she's viscous? Grin)

You know what...?


Regina is hereby a slime monster of some sort, along the same lines as a Gelatinous Cube. Shadowrun is basically just cyber-D&D anyway so who's to say such beings don't exist?