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Nieuws quiz - JLT* - 12-03-2014 15:36:56

Wie durft?

In de app store

RE: Nieuws quiz - JLT* - 13-03-2014 19:18:36

Aww, niemand?

Wie mij verslaat krijgt bier.

Mijn accountnaam is jelte

RE: Nieuws quiz - mirla - 14-03-2014 07:05:29

Ik wil bier! Mijn account is Mirla Smile

RE: Nieuws quiz - nar - 14-03-2014 09:36:02

haha, i'm afraid that while i too want beer, i'm a terrible mobile-phone-game participant. in the past i let several games of Wordfeud just die through inaction Tongue i suspect that playing against me'd be unsatisfying...

RE: Nieuws quiz - SageGenesis - 14-03-2014 10:14:57

I don't have internet on the phones, so... I think I can't play with you.