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Full Version: Overload
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Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a problem.

In my boundless enthusiasm for gaming I've reached a situation where every other week I run a game four days in a row - from Sunday to Wednesday. And if I had nothing else in my life I could probably manage that. But needless to say, I do have other things going on. On top of that, 2016 has been one hell of a year. Just the past month alone my mother has been in hospital several times for heart-related problems, my dog died, an online acquaintance also died, the list goes on.

Next year is not going to be a walk in the park either. I know there's some stuff going to happen that will eat up a lot of my time and energy.

It's too much. I can't juggle it all. Perhaps in the future things get calmer and I can do more, but not right now.

My own plan is to drop Tuesday and Wednesday, effective immediately. I'm up for playing, for boardgames, for just getting together, but not for me prepping and running a game. That's disappointing, because both games were something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but this is not a matter of wanting but of available time.

But like I said, that's just my plan at the moment. If someone steps up and is willing to run something on that slot, I'll happily keep reserving that evening. And of course I'd help people get used to the GM role. But if nobody does, well, this is it. Thank you for your understanding.

So. Discuss.

(This has no influence on the sporadic campaigns, such as Vampire. The reason I picked those two particular days is because Mondays are not just important to me, they actually helped me get professional writing done. And Sunday is on a weekend day, which helps a lot.)
I was actually wondering how you were managing all this.
Good to know you're only human. Smile

Respect for all this effort to everyone so far.

We'll plan a new Vampire soon. Smile
Dude, I was actually talking to Jeroen about how it seemed like you were in a stressy situation. Glad to see you're taking back your time, that's just the right thing to do, staying at full burn would be bigly unhealthy. Also remember that if you need to offload frustration or whatnot, you can always get in touch.

When the new year starts I might be tempted to give the Tuesday a shot, maybe. I would need some help but you already offered, so I might be in touch about that.

We'll plan a new Vampire soon. Smile
dude, good that you're drawing a line and giving yourself the time and space you need. just a shame that you have to kill some of your darlings to do it Hmm stay healthy and sane man Smile
Well, someone here didn't say "We'll plan a new Vampire soon. Smile"

Guess we know who the least dedicated here is, huh?

you know me, i enjoy swimming against the current Wink
Yeah, that does sound awfully stressy. I'm glad you're happy to keep the Sundays - and I'll say 'for now', because if the situation should chance I'd totally get that too.

Also, I'm not _in_ the Wednesday campaign, so it might be strange that I should comment on Wednesdays ;-), but I'm all for having a biweekly open boardgames night at our place. Say, 19.30-whenever Mark wants to go to sleep, open to all takers but a heads up if nobody is going to show might be nice. That kind of thing.

(To be fair, I probably should be discussing this with Mark before declaring open house, but, well, this is just my take on things anyway ^_^ )
Recognizing where your limits are is important, acting on them even more.

We will figure something out for the Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I do happen to have a Hero Quest game that needs to be finished Wink
Ik snap het helemaal. Teveel is gewoon teveel. Alleen maar goed dat je het aangeeft. Grin
Open boardgames evening on the Wednesday sounds like fun Smile
Sterkte man!

Mochten we op de maandag nog iets kunnen betekenen, moet je het gewoon zeggen!
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