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Full Version: [D&D 5th] Murder Hobos
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Quote: The Splendid City State of Vantia is in turmoil. While the golden domes still glisten in the sun and the tall marble spires reach the heavens, many people fear for their lives. While grand bridges still reach over the canals and far onto the islands, the merchant galleons with their silver sterns slowly leave the bay and the great council has fled inland to seek refuge in the dark swamps. The venerable Duge is rumoured to have been assassinated or worse.

Alistair, The Magister of Bodies, who leads great Vantia’s Legion of the Fallen has used the Elite undead troops to violently capture many government islands. The Magister has imprisoned any government officials, leaders, and loyal soldiers and has declared martial law.

The Mages of the Trivium have collapsed the waterway to the college and the Isle of the Learned serves as the only refuge in the city. The High Mage only accepts those into safety who he deems worthy and many a noble have been refused succour.

The Great Fleet was out in the Near Sea to seize harbours and bays along the Near Coast. These alcoves were used by Pirates and other monsters to launch their attacks on passing merchants heading for the Splendid City. As the Old Empire lacks the ships to keep the trade routes safe, the Admiral Pentakos decided to clear the area himself. The people are praying to the One God for the Admiral to return and free the islands from the Magister’s cruel grasp.

This great Metropolis of Islands has been free of the declining Old Empire for years, due to their great wealth from trade and conquest. Many Vantians fear the return of the Imperial yoke of old. The Emperor in the East must be pleased with himself corrupting the once so noble Magister Alistair. If the Emperor were to claim Splendid Vantia as his new capital, the Empire might rise anew.

To the south lie the lands of The Pious Flame, the ruling body of the Faith and home of the Patriarch. The Faith has been trying to get the Vantians back onder the wing of the One God for years and perhaps the Theocracy was right all this time. The wealth and freedom of the City under the Duge, who was not sanctified by royal birth but was chosen by the council, might have attracted the attention of the Dark Prince and now the dead walk the streets. The Patriarch prays for the souls of the Vantians. The islanders mostly revere the Water, Trade, War and Death aspects of the One, all very close to the darker sides of the Faith, and see what this has brought them.

To the West the warring kingdoms fight over scraps of land, sending their nameless peasants to die in the lonely fields. Once every century the kingdoms unite in a religious fervour to conquer the Salah across the Near Sea. Somehow they always try to sack Vantia first, and fail. However, in the last Crusade, the Wise Duge of Vantia granted the Kings access to their ships. The Kingdoms made it half way to Salah and sacked the Imperial Throne instead. Great plunder was taken back to Vantia on these ships.

To the north lie the great mountains. Old Dwarven halls lie empty and goblins roam these tunnels. In the valleys some dwarven clans cling to the old traditions trying to make their great old keeps look like their old underground homes. Many Dwarven artisans left these frightful mountains for Vantia hoping for a better, richer life.
Beyond the mountains the Fey woods are filled with wonder and magic. Recently the elves have tried to establish a republic, casting aside the old nobility. Many old nobles came to the City toeither hire mercenaries to take back their homes or buy an island mansion and retire.

To the North East are the untamed lands. It was only fifteen years ago that the Vantians joined forces with the Empire in an attempt to put the Gnoll Horde to a stop. The Duges decision was a wise one, the Old Empire was ravaged, but the Horde could not cross the Red River.

In the Dungeon of Constable’s Island a few of the Magister’s enemies and their retinue are now being held and await a mock trial. The Magister must deal with his opponents fast, but these people are too important to martyr. They must be broken publically. While some if these enemies of Alistair are plotting escape, others are slowly accepting their and Vantia’s fate.
Cool!, made me google Magic the gathering island art

[Image: 396805_10151907752610307_1820422633_n.jpg]
[Image: Ravnica_Island_9944242.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ma2xwneJg61rdggl6o1_1280.jpg]

I also googled murder hobos but that was less visually appealing.
That looks about right
(24-11-2015 12:11:25)(me) Melchior Wrote: [ -> ]I also googled murder hobos but that was less visually appealing.
Yeah the campaign title is mainly there to let people know the style of the campaign despite the fancy setting and backdrop. ^_^
There should also be enough room for silliness. Most silliness will be related to the way that Vantians pronounce Duge.
(24-11-2015 12:44:25)JLT* Wrote: [ -> ]There should also be enough room for silliness. Most silliness will be related to the way that Vantians pronounce Duge.

Such trade. Many glory. Wow.
it was in the chaos of the battle of red river bridge that Steve was gifted a divine connection.

Steve and Leila were part of a vanguard send to take the bridge from the gnolls, who had made a small camp there, and hold until the main force arrived. Taking the bridge was easy, unfortunately the gnoll horde was much closer than expected and Bonegnasher himself came to take it back.
It was during the gnolls third charge, after Steves government issue shield was shattered and his sword got stuck in a gnoll skull, that Steve, almost out of instinct, grabbed a fallen gnolls Great-Axe, which was odd because Steve had no proficiencies in martial weapons, and, for a first time in Steves life, he found a strange but serene calm washing over him, his orc blood no longer screamed in rage, and everything seemed to be right, it was at that moment he knew, the gods were with him.

After the battle the other soldiers spoke of Steve screaming blessings at his platoon and slapping seemingly fallen comrades back on their feet.

Dari was never a particularly bright young dwarf. Staid, yes; strong, obedient, helpful, and devout, too: a fine example of Dwarfkind. Consequently, when his parish priest's sermon about forging swords to plowshares inspired him, it did so rather literally. Having taken up the family trade of metalworking (again conforming to the optimal standard of Dwarfkind), he was unaccountably disappointed when it turned out that actual swords were an uncommon resource when it came to toolmaking. A fine raw material, yes, but sadly in low supply.

Fortunately for young Dari, his parish priest had taken a liking to him. Seeing an opportunity in turning the slow but steady energy and clearly apparent potential of the young dwarf to ends more spiritually productive than old-fashioned metalwork, he explained to Dari the finer points of peacemaking, conciliation, and generally being a do-gooder in the best of Dwarven traditions. As the parable of swords and plowshares had before them, these teachings found fertile ground in Dari's straightforward and benevolent heart, and Dari resolved to combine the disarmament of the wicked with the shortage of metaphorical raw material.

He never did get over his inability to take things figuratively.

(So, not a human, but a dwarf, and I decided to combine the paladin-idea with the artisan-idea.)

Aansluitend bij Melchiors verhaal. Een vrouwelijke human rogue genaamd Leila, opgegroeid in hetzelfde dorp. Bij dezelfde lord in dienst getreden als covert opps / scout. Oude jeugdvrienden dus met dezelfde interesses / carriere pad. Nu samen besloten om het avontuur op te zoeken.

The high elves of the winter court have undergone a bloody revolution. The noble families have been overthrown by the Bael'shevik faction who sought to put power into the hands of the commoners. Possibly the only surviving member of the elven royals is Princess Anastasiel.

Some kind of high elf with the noble background. Will think about the class.
Island city state? Surf's up duge!

Also, island city:
(Big picture)
(24-11-2015 13:53:53)SageGenesis Wrote: [ -> ]Island city state? Surf's up duge!

That's like, your opinion, man!
Last Sunday I spent some time with Mark making his character. Personal details are still a bit in the air but it's a Bard who traveled far and wide, from the frozen north to the aztec/yuan-ti jungles. We also established that bagpipes were originally invented by bored orcs who messed around with a freshly slain minstrel's bladder and his flute collection.
Raiding Northmen are an actual thing. Asume you are never safe along any river wide enough for a longboat. These are not the happy vagabonds from Wicky de Viking. These animals will drink your blood with mead and toast to their pagan gods the days of the week are named after.

The yuan-ti jungle is so far across the seas that few men have ever seen, let alone survived them.

This bard is badass.
Can we post a summary of everyones race, class, background? Also things like weapon of choice if you have them.

Mel is Steve Sanders, a male half-human, War cleric, Soldier with a great axe.
Arik is Anastasiel, a female high elf, Fighter (going for Eldritch Knight), Noble with the best weapon of all: the hand crossbow.
Seppe is Leila, female half elf rogue, outlander, 2 daggers, short sword en short bow
Ot is Dari, a dwarf paladin, Guild Artisan, with a sword (and quite unaware of the irony) and a board.
Mark is... 3/4 human, 1/4 elf.
Eelco is ..., human wizard (controller), charlatan, cantrips, sleep, thunderwave, and illusions.
Anastasiel is a high elf, Fighter (going for Eldritch Knight), Noble with the best weapon of all: the hand crossbow.
I prefer the term "half-human"
(25-11-2015 17:40:30)(me) Melchior Wrote: [ -> ]I prefer the term "half-human"

Fixed. Also added your name.
Leila, female half elf rogue, outlander, 2 daggers, short sword en short bow
..., human wizard (controller), charlatan, cantrips, sleep, thunderwave, and illusions.
Did we settle on time/place?
I settled on my place. Tongue

Morgen vanaf 10 welkom, 11 beginnen. 13 lunch, 18 pizza, 23 curfew. Sommigen willen naar Wolfs verjaardag, geen idee of ik dat ook wil of dat sommigen tot 23 willen blijven.
Ot is Dari, a dwarf paladin, Guild Artisan, with a sword (and quite unaware of the irony) and a board.
Dus, wat vinden jullie van 5th? Wat werkt er wel en niet? Qua syteem, qua setting en qua party?
Was een leuke dag gisteren.

Qua party lijkt alles me ok. Een extra front-line warrior zou welkom zijn maar ik geloof dat Tristan zoiets al van plan was, dus da's prima.

Setting lijkt alles ok hoewel ik nog niet helemaal begrijp wat we precies aan het doen zijn. Die ouwe stuurt ons naar een swamp met escaped nobles, maar de nobles weten volgens mij niet bijzonder veel, en ze zijn in een tempel... met geen enkel spoor van de nobles binnen in die tempel? Of zo? Zal later vast wel duidelijk worden maar gister was niet alles even helder.

Qua systeem is het alles wat ik dacht dat het zou zijn. Makkelijk in het gebruik, snel, herkenbare elementen... maar zonder echt solide wow-factor mechanics die het een betere optie maken dan een andere D&D edities of RPGs.

Ik heb je al eerder een email gestuurd met het belangrijkste puntje van aandacht. Daar komt bij:

Ik heb niet het gevoel dat proficiency echt veel uitmaakt. Een +2 bonus heeft geen invloed in (letterlijk) 90% van de gevallen. Skill checks maken is een beetje hopen op dom geluk. (Dat speelt altijd in een spel met dobbelstenen maar de invloed van geluk is deze keer wel erg hoog.)

Dunne gangen en grote difficult terrain stroken zorgen voor enigzins claustrofobische battlegrounds. Af en toe leuk, maar hoeft voor mij niet altijd.

Ik heb het vermoeden dat Melchior steeds meer in de "first aid kit" rol zal worden gedwongen als het spel verder gaat. Hit points en damage gaan snel omhoog, healing niet zozeer dus daar hebben we meer van nodig. Maar dat kan ik niet hard bewijzen natuurlijk. Iets om op te letten.

Al met al... ja, het was leuk. Dankzij de mensen. Het spel zelf was globaal genomen neutraal. "Good enough."
Eens met Arik dat het een leuke dag was, en dat dat in ieder geval voor een groot deel te danken was aan de mensen.

Qua systeem:
Verder onderschrijf ik het kritiekpunt van 5e dat randomness wel een erg grote rol speelt - maar goed, dat is wat mij betreft een standaard-issue met systemen die een uniforme kansverdeling aan de basis hebben*, maar het is hier wel extra erg, inderdaad.

Verder vind ik het idee dat dit een soort van 'best of 40 years of D&D' is. Ik vind de duidelijke 3e-basis aangenaam; i.t.t. Arik ben ik nooit gecharmeerd geweest van 4e (in het kader van: if I want to be gamist, I'll go play Agricola; of: als een bordspel, wat het probeert te zijn, is 4e pretty shitty).

Qua setting:
Ik ben een fan van actual-history-inspired fantasy settings. Dog knows actual history has plenty of fantastical crap to be inspired by, en je krijgt er gratis een fuckton aan textuur en referentiekader bij. Waar het verhaal heengaat is mij ook onduidelijk, but Dari gives none of the shits. Voorts was het natuurlijk ook voor een groot deel de rest van de party leren kennen, dus was het wat mij betreft prima.

Qua party:
Geen issues. Me dunkt dat meer healing/support inderdaad geen overbodige luxe is. Healing is vaak een actie, wat de combat voor de healers minder leuk maakt. Healing potions goedkoper/makkelijker beschikbaar maken zou een optie zijn.

* Wat ik hiermee bedoel is het volgende: 1d20 is een voorbeeld van een uniforme kansverdeling: 20 even grote kansbakjes. 3d6, bijvoorbeeld, is niet uniform: 10 en 11 zijn veel waarschijnlijker dan 3 en 18. In het geheel is 3d6 een best aardige approximatie van een Gaussian/bell curve. Ik vind het altijd jammer als een RPG niet speelt met de mogelijkheden van kansverdelingen. Alternity, GURPS en Silhouette doen het (OK, wel afhankelijk van de editie) wat dat betreft beter.
Ik wil nog toevoegen dat na een hercalculatie van de challenge ratings, menig encounter ver voorbij deadly was. och, al doende leert Jelte. Leeft iedereen nog?
We take deadly in stride.
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