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Full Version: [D&D 5th] Murder Hobos
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Yeah I think so. I've got a few hours on Saturday evening when I will not be available but the afternoon, or otherwise Sunday could work.
Sometime tomorrow in the afternoon would likely work. I have a belp****2@*** email address and will send my Skype name and tel nr. to that address.

Mooi, ik blijk die skype gegevens al te hebben. Zal skype morgen open laten staan als ik online ben.
Eelco's character is done (minus some small details he can do on his own). That means all PCs for the first session are ready.

Does anybody know about Tristan? He's of course welcome to join us but has anybody contacted him?
Heb Tristan zojuist een email gestuurd.
En ik heb m geappt. Wink
The Other Races

Halflings have no great empires or armies of their own. Many of them integrated very well into the realms of others, with the remaining ones forming peaceful little enclaves of their own in the form of farming communities, fishing villages, etc. Humans often consider themselves to be superior because they have grand ambitions and a knack for war, while halflings just waste away their lives in contentment. But halflings believe that they are the smarter race, for pretty much the exact same reasons.

Gnomes are a lot like their similarly-sized halfling cousins, except that they tend to stick with dwarves and high elves instead of human communities. Unlike halflings they do have a sense of ambition but it tends to be for curiosity or mischievous goals - gnomes don't forge empires, they trick them.

The half-orcs are a curious race. When the blessed races reached their new shores at the end of their Exodus, they found it already inhabited by other beings, most notably the orcs. The holy castes then revealed that the orcs had been exiled by the Elders long ago as they had fallen from grace. And so it was not only legal to kill orcs and take their land, but even a sacred undertaking - for what could be wrong with wresting a land from the grip of darkness and sanctifying it? These days very few true orcs remain, driven off to the coldest northern reaches or the rainless sands in the deep south. The half-orcs have shameful origins but they are a true-breeding races in their own right, typically found amongst human realms (especially the Warring Kingdoms). Half-orcs suffer from a "glass ceiling" in polite society but those who demonstrate a devotion to the one true god and their human heritage can lead prosperous lives.
(30-04-2016 21:08:00)JLT* Wrote: [ -> ]En ik heb m geappt. Wink

Hij wil graag mee doen.

Maar kan de 14e niet Smile
(30-04-2016 20:17:13)Tiamat Wrote: [ -> ]Heb Tristan zojuist een email gestuurd.

Hij wil graag mee doen.

Maar kan de 14e niet Smile
Ik stel voor dat we 2 uur beginnen, is dat goed?
Vind ik goed, iets eerder mag ook van mij.
A few important things to know

1. There is no such thing as alignment and this is not D&D. Don't assume you know what a person or monster might be like. Be prepared to be surprised, but also play it smart.

2. This is double extra true for dragons. They are so unlike what typical D&D shows that they deserve explicit mention.

3. I have created a continent with so much potential for storylines that I expect we can't explore it all with just one party. As such I think we might run this world for many years to come, with one party after another. Each of them could unravel the secrets of their own respective corners of Atlantis and finish their own stories, but in time a larger overarching meta-plot would become clear. Be prepared to take notes - some random side event of one campaign might only be fully explained in the next one.
2 uur is voor mij ook wel handig..
2 uur is voor mij prima, eerder mag ook. Ik ga het alleen niet zeer laat maken (lees 10 uur op de trein) omdat ik de volgende dag moet werken.

Wat wordt de locatie?
Brynjolf the Giant

[Image: mevius_final_fantasy__thor_by_guterrez-d9gir58.jpg]
(10-05-2016 09:24:24)Sopj Wrote: [ -> ]Wat wordt de locatie?

Gewoon bij mij thuis.
Magic of the sea

Ships are an essential part of civilized life these days. Most are caravels and merchant galleys. But few speak to the imagination as much as the most astounding modern ships which fuse science and magic: the undefeated dryadic galleons.

Core to the ship is the main mast, a carefully transplanted living tree with a dryad spirit inside. The tree is gently uprooted and planted down in special soil, around which the ship's hull is built from alchemically treated wood. The tree itself is pruned and reshaped until it grows tall and straight with very few branches. The end result is a colossal ship which can feel what's happening around it and regrow most forms of damage.

Added to these are enchanted sails which always catch favorable winds, a dozen magic compasses which point to various fixed points (e.g. true north, Vantia, the mouth of the Inland Sea, etc.), and a variation on a Daern's Instant Fortress which can be deployed to gave the ship adamantine armor plating at the cost of speed and maneuverability.

For weapons they sport an entire deck devoted to blackpowder kan'n weapons. Another deck holds light ballistas which can be loaded with lightning javelins.

As ridiculously over the top as these ships are, they do come with some downsides. First, the dryad must be willing and most of these elusive nature spirits prefer to keep their roots firmly within the earth. The construction crew must have many skilled alchemists, wizards, shipwrights, and a handful of druids - people not typically interested in pushing the nautical envelope. But most of all is simply the price tag. Many a nation would be bankrupted by it.

For these reasons, only five such vessels currently exist, with three of them belonging to Vantia.

Oakenpride is docked at Vantia itself, first and best line of defense to anything that would dare to strike at them from the sea. Admiral Pentakos commands the Aldermight, his personal flagship and scourge of many a pirate. Finally, Black Mimosa is stationed at The Bastion to protect the city's interests in Atlantis.

Because Phoeniqia is the eternal rival of the Pious Flame, Vantia assisted them in building the Olea, the smallest of the dryadic galleons but with some ingenious elven magic up her sleeves.

Finally there is the Maquis, whose origins are a mystery. She is the vessel of the pirate king, most hated enemy of Pentakos and all men of good character. The Maquis has no known home base and has been spotted all over the world.

Three more of these ships are currently under construction, although each of them are plagued by troubles.

Vantia was building the Weeping Willow, experimenting with undead crews and necromantically suspended flora. The recent... troubles... have set back the project significantly.

The Pious Flame has built and lost three galleons, each of them dying during or shortly after construction. Rumor has it that they are currently building two more, twin sisters from an ash tree which split in half when it was hit by lightning when it was still young. If they manage to pull it off, the Crusade of Reclamation will be kicked into high gear.

(What can I say? When you've got cash and magic, something like this was bound to happen.)
Should probably add why I wrote this.

First it's because I like ships with identity. "A Corellian freighter" just doesn't sound as iconic as "the Millennium Falcon".

Second, I have a hard time believing settings with plentiful magic but which still just look like medieval Europe. (Or what some Americans think medieval Europe was like, anyway.) So Vantia has dryad-warships to go with their zombie troopers. Works for me.

Third, the magic isn't that ridiculous. This is the top of the line stuff that only a few governments can do, but in terms of military power these galleons are like steam-powered ironclads. That may be more powerful than a galleass but it's still not a submarine or an aircraft carrier. Such amazing inventions are still beyond our current abilities.
Na een, wat mij betreft, geslaagde 1e sessie is het misschien verstandig om alweer een nieuwe datum te plannen. Dit gezien mijn agenda vrij snel weer vol raakt. Volgens mij staat er een volgende sessie op 11-6 gepland.
Opties daarna zijn:
Zaterdag 18 juni (Lotte mee)
Zaterdag 2 juli (Lotte mee)
Zaterdag 9 juli (eventueel)
Zaterdag 16 juli (Lotte mee)
Zaterdag 3 september

Gaarne zsm een datum prikken, dan kan ik hem blokkeren in mijn agenda.
11-06 was een voorstel waar geen antwoord op was... inmiddels is er grote kans dat dat m niet wordt als onze keukeninstallatie uit loopt..
Pizza was ong. 10, bier en snacks een paar euro.

ok misschien kan 11_06 wel. Is er animo voor die datum?
18-06 musschien ook wel, maar de kans op afzeggen wordt steeds groter. Uitgerekend op 25_06
11-6 kan ik wel, 18 denk ik ook
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