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Full Version: Saruman makes his SECOND heavy metal album
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AMSTERDAM – De Britse acteur Christopher Lee heeft om zijn negentigste verjaardag te vieren zijn tweede heavy metalalbum uitgebracht.
Geen linkje? ^_^
*klikt download*
ok, i'm 6 minutes into the first Charlemagne album and this isn't really all that metal... it's theatrical as all hell, but i've heard precious few guitars Wink

edit: 14 minutes, things're getting kinda heavy...

edit 2: ok, that really didn't last very long at all. stuff starts getting kinda metal again from 'Act V', but that's about 42 minutes into the album ^^

edit 3: well, the ending's kinda metal, but all in all, the first Charlemagne album's really more of a musical score than a heavy metal album imho. perhaps part 2 will melt more faces?
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