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Full Version: SC2 LAN?
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So who'd be interested in a SC2 LAN here at our place? Could be just a day, could be a weekend, I dunno? We've got one game here and two computers able to run it (I think) - who'd be interested?

ah, StarCraft 2 ^^

i wiki'd 'sc2' and received several options. i thought i'd just ask and see if it was perhaps a SimCity 2000, or perhaps a Supreme Commander 2 LAN in the offing here Wink
I don't actually play myself, but it's a lotta fun to watch ^_^ (and shout at players what they should be doing ^^)
for the Swarm!
I don't have SC2 but, much like Sabrina, I do enjoy watching other people play. Maybe we can do two events at once. "SC2 LAN" and also "SC2 supporters".
I have SC2 and would like to play.

Only problem is that I am playing like a N00B with bronze rating (maybe silver with luck)

I could play along a few times, and that we use my account for those who also would like to play a couple of games.
My rating is /care Wink

I could also provide a suitable computer to play on ofcourse (not max. graphics, but it will run smooth Smile)
Sweet Smile
@ Goldy: trust me, after enough beer _everybody_ plays Bronze max Tongue And it's all about the fun anyway.
Hehe @ Sage: sounds good, but I draw the line at pompons ;-)

Also, we currently have 1 unused screen here, which would save lugging stuff over maybe?

Ehm, dates. Let's see, what with people working and stuff I'd say a Saturday is our best bet? Sat 6/8, 13/8, perhaps 3/9 if Mark's okay with that? (I think that's his first work week, so he might be busy...)
Time: start around noon (so building up before that), I'll throw in lunch & dinner (and, knowing me, dessert), finish whenever, people can leave stuff here and pick it up the next day(s) somewhere anyway?
If I'm allowed to hang around and be a supporter, then I'll assist with the making of dinner and such.
Fuck. Looks like I'ma have to learn to play SC2.

There goes my leisure time.
So apparently there's a birthday going on at 6/8 that Mark might be attending, so how bout the 13th? Any takers?
@Oddman: hah, more of a challenge then than Civ ^^
If my portfolio is finished, I am available on the 13th Smile

( I need to finish that or else I'll be kicked out of my study Sad)
Oeh, wel redelijk kritisch dan ja... Succes!
AlfaGirl Wrote:@Oddman: hah, more of a challenge then than Civ ^^
14th definitely out.

Also: not more challenge, different challenge - one to which I am less suited, as it directly requires hand-eye coordination and wits, which are in shorter supply than the strategic insight used in Civ.
Oddman Wrote:14th definitely out.

Ehm, does that mean 13th is possible...? As I was really only suggesting one day, so far anyway...
aankomende zondag ?
I'm game on all dates mentioned so far.

... you know, as supporter and kitchen-assistant.
scroipt Wrote:6/8?

No way dat ik voor die tijd zinnig SC2 leer spelen.
goldylox Wrote:If my portfolio is finished, I am available on the 13th Smile

( I need to finish that or else I'll be kicked out of my study Sad)

Wellicht 13/8?
so 13/8 provided Goldy can make it with 3/9 or 17/9 as backup?
I'm feeling good about 13/8. Grin
Cool, weet wel dat zaterdag ot en ik The Great Game hebben
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