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Aeran Dosiere's grand house rests upon a rocky hill on one of the many islands with the Maesil's turgid flow, commanding a wide view of the city. It lies far from the water's edge, making it that much more expensive, for when the summer is hot and the tide flows in, all the waste from people, tanneries, butcheries, fish markets, and industries overstay their welcome for several hours, filling the waterfront's air with stench and the buzzing of flies.

You are all invited for afternoon tea imported from Basarji lands, honeyed cakes, and of course polite conversation. You are all seated within one of the luxuriously decorated rooms. The walls are covered with dark oak panels and they in turn with paintings on linen, wood, and ivory. Cabinets with exquisitely clear glass display medals, trophies, and artfully made porcelain.

One month from now is the Presentation, an annual ball where young blooded scions such as yourselves are traditionally sent to formally meet the Emperor from all over Anuire. These days there is of course no such meeting but the nobles use the opportunity to show off their most promising heirs and children, as well as make connections. Wars have started and ended there, not least of which the civil war that tore the nation of Alamie apart. Diplomats and merchants from far away lands come here to make friends. Explorers, artists, and men of science come here to find patrons and commissions. Brides are chosen and alliances broken. And of course, reputations are shattered over the slightest faux pas.

In short, a social and political wasp's nest.

"But first," Aeran says after sipping his tea, "It would be best for you to make a good reputation for yourself. People will be more eager to talk to you if your name already has some fame to it. Which is why I thought it would be prudent to bring all you youngsters together. Believe me, in this city you will need friends."
((OOC: "I have no idea how to continue or start, but let's just start and see what happens."))

The sharply and richly dressed young Endieran merchant Gavin Morilden sniffs at his exotic tea and smiles. His dark hair and short beard gleam in the light while he sets his cup down on the richly carved side table.
((OOC: You're doing absolutely fine. I won't have Aeran respond for a while until everybody's had a chance to post themselves, so if you have questions you might have to be a little patient. In the meantime, everybody introduce yourself and make with the roleplaying. Smile ))
"Forging friendships with alcohol? Haha, I won't tell my wife if you don't."
Ser Corvid, easily recognised to be from Ghoere as some of the fineries of his suit have been sacrificed for practical reasons, stands up. "Well, before we partake of that fine vintage, I would like to present to you this on behave of my father" Ser Corvid removes some silk wrappings from a long package to reveal a richly decorated sword. "This mostly ceremonial sword has the long sleek blade in the Anuire style and my father inscribed the runes personally while I enchanted the gem in the pommel myself"

"Now that's done, I do believe this companionship was about to receive the blessing of Saramie" he lifts his cup, nods to mr. Gavin "To friends and alcohol!"
Gavin smiles at ser Corvid as he raises his own cup of silver, enriched with gemstones and ivory griffins. "My lady of Fortune knows that diligent effort and careful planning make the best luck, not divine intervention." His dark eyes twinkle as he takes a sip of the thick, sweet wine and smiles some more. "Yes, I have the feeling that we will surely be blessed by lady Luck today."
If it is luck you seek, then to that I shall drink.
but for tonight, how about I sing us a song about the old god's, to make the night complete.

Linnias is looking a bit out of place in his well made but utilitarian clothing. From what everyone else knows, he arrived in the city just a couple of days ago. He isn't convinced that this meeting is really necessary, but his patron insisted on him being here. "Your martial powers don't really matter. If you really want to become a power to be reckoned, find Aeran Dosiere and let hime guide you." Is what Brosen told him, before leaving Linnias behind in Anuire.

During this meeting, Linnias laughs at the right moments, he tells some small anecdotes about his travel when asked about it. But he mostly seems to be observing everything.

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Aeran Dosiere smiles at the kind words, the wine, and the song. He also graciously accepts the gift Corvid brought with him. "A fine blade indeed, maybe even far too grand a gift for a retired old man like myself. I shall write a letter of thanks to your father this very evening and have it sent to him by the swiftest messenger I know. His generosity deserves as much."

He tastes the wine and visibly enjoys it.

"I hope you will all do me the honor of staying for dinner. I feel we have much to discuss. Nobody comes to this city and hires a guide simply to point him to the museums or best taverns. You must all have some aim in coming here. Don't be shy for the presence of others," he gestures at all of you, "for you are amongst your new best friends. This is not the first time I have brought people together in this manner and it's proven to be a very successful method. Why, some of them even got married and made me their child's godfather!"

He sets down his wine and leans back in his chair. His voice is velvet but there's also a glint of steel in his eye.

"So let this humble old man serve you. What is it you want?"

((OOC: Wolf, not bad but I think you can afford to be a bit more active. In a forum without a physical presence, staying in the background is little different from not being there at all. And not just to Wolf: This is an active game. Explore. Scheme. Make some enemies. Win!))
you asked us for our reasons to come to this city. and I suppose that we all have our own. So I suggest that we all tell our reasons.

My own is to find information on my sister. She was taken a few years ago and I have not been able to find a trace of her since, nor the reason why she was taken. I have traveled far and wide, searched all the low places, so I came to this city to see if there is any information in the higher classes. I just need to know if she is still alive.
Linnias seems a bit take aback by that question.

"I'm sorry, I am still a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities here in this city. My most recent experiences have mostly taken me to places not as busy and crowded as here. But to what I want, I don't..." He falls silent, you see a slow realization dawn behind his eyes. And then he speaks "I want to make a difference. Making sure that people are treated fairly and with mutual respect."

He stops speaking, slowly realizing that being this honest might not be the best way to play the Game in these parts.

((OOC: Let's call it youthful naivety.))
Walking over to Linneas, Gavin displays a small solemn smile as he places a hand on the Boeruinian
That is certainly a gracious offer kind sir, but I do believe that my current employer would be very upset if I leave her household. But we could ask her, when she comes back to the city. I do believe that we all would get along splendidly!
"Making a difference, a noble goal indeed. And by the taste of this fine wine I would venture a guess that making a difference has not been bad for our friend Gavin!" While saying this, Vincenti gives Gavin a playful wink. "I too have come here to make a difference. I hope to guide many a soul to a better living by the ways of Haelyn and the blessed artwork He has inspired."
Again, Gavin smiles. "And there is the exact point of the issue, and the reaon we are here. It is all about scale. One bottle of wine can provide a little bit of happiness for six individuals for only the time the little bottle lasts. To make a lasting change in an urban, regional, or even mondial scale, one needs a lot more influence than the ability to purchase one bottle of fine wine."

Gavin tops off his hosts cup with the last drops in the bottle and smiles at his newfound friends. "To achieve the goal of making a meaningful, lasting difference, one needs influence in many matters social, political and even spiritual. The best way to gain said influence, is by being backed by gold. Seramy teaches that many desires can be attained by having the means to pursue them. More oft than not, these means are financial."
Mr Dosiere smiles amicably at most people's stated goals, though less so at Olivia's.

"Kidnapping is a very serious affair. They say that all roads lead to Anuire but that doesn't make it certain that anybody in this city is involved. But if there is someone, you're about to cross some very dangerous people. Please, what do you know about your sister's circumstances? I might be retired but I still remember a few people and places that might stoop to such levels."

He turns to the rest of the gathering.

"I trust the lady has your full support as well in this matter? One can't leave a damsel in distress and be called a friend, or indeed even a gentleman."
Olivia looks a little shocked.

"Kind sir, I did not mean to offend, I never implied that anyone in Anuire was involved in the kidnapping of my sister. But I have been all over the country to find any sign of my sister and found none. You say all roads lead to Anuire, and therefore I hoped that maybe someone had heard anything. I have not found a trace of my sisters whereabouts nor of who might have taken her. My mother won
Dosiere scratches his scarred chin. "There are several people I know who might keep an ear open for such matters, all of them dangerous. And none of them too keen on eyes prying into their business. Is there nothing more you know about Claire's abduction? Please don't misunderstand, I don't mean to interrogate you, but if there's anything that might shorten the list of people of interest, it would make all of our lives that much easier. Do you suspect a jealous lover? A hostage situation? A slaver from the far east?"

((OOC: Investigating everybody who might know something about kidnappings will put you on the shit-list of three dozen exceptionally unpleasant people. The more details you know and can provide, the better you can focus your search.))
"I wonder..." Linnias speaks hesitantly "if someone might have seen some details on the clothing of those that took your sister away. I am inclined to agree with our gracious host here, asking around with abundance might incur the wrath of people we currently don't even know."

"Not that I am an expert in these things, but if I can help in any way, I most certainly will."
I was not in my hometown when the abduction took place. But what I heard was that only young women were taken. So slavers would be where I would start.
"So slavers it is, then. A vile and archaic business, these days of course only practiced by the barbarians of Khinasi and Vosgard stock. And the goblins I suppose."

He sighs.

"Loathe as I am to admit it though, there are those even within this city who might know a few things about slavery. Down in the Breakers is a Source of the Maesil company house, run by an overblown fellow by the name of Gharel Slaeme. I've heard rumors that the cartels of Cariele press healthy young men into service to toil in the logging camps and the mines. I dread to even think what they would use young female slaves for in such places..."

((OOC: The Breakers is a district of the city, an artificial peninsula that encloses the river mouth to block wave and wind. They're very long, narrow districts. And very rigidly built in a grid-style unlike the rest of the city, that always rebuilds itself on limited space and has grown in an organic, convoluted manner. Because it's most exposed to the elements it's a tough, cheap place for sailors and dockworkers.

The Source of the Maesil is a trading guild that Vincenti Gallo should be very familiar with. His homeland has only a figurehead king but is actually controlled by three guilds, this being one of them. They transport raw materials from the camps and mines downriver, bringing back coin and crafted goods.))
"No time like the present for making a difference!"

"What do we know about the Source of the Maesil and this fellow names Gharel Slaeme? Doing research might not be my strongest suite, but when it comes to tactical planning and applying physical force I am quite adept."
"Hmm... I am somewhat familliar with the Source of the Maesil. If we are to meddle with them, we'd best be on our toes. Backstabbing is a common way to get promoted within the Source. Ofcourse, this selfish disposition could be twisted in to our favour if needed."
Gavin's smile fades. "The lumber guilds of Cariele are not a hive I would care to trod in. My advise would be to stay away from them as far as possible for as long as possible, and first find of there are more young women that have disappeared recently."

Gavin's smile slowly returns and he adds: "A search for young women could be exactly what newfound friends could need to tighten the bonds of blooming friendship."
After a moment, Ser Corvid raises his head from thought, nods, "Gavin has the right of it here, in both his assessment of how dangerous these guilds can be and on what are next move should be, if we can find out more about the other victims we will gain important information and perhaps even allies in our quest."

Ser Corvid then turns to Olivia "Olivia my dear, you mentioned that other women where taken, tell us what you know about them, think age, looks, family, profession, were they blooded or merely serfs, was it just your town or were others attacked as well, anything you know, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will help greatly"
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