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Full Version: Nihao Honey: Year 2
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Because let's face it. There's no school like old school.

School girls!
[Image: DOcss.jpg]

[Image: xZlRe.jpg]

[Image: QByFR.jpg]

Panty shots!
[Image: tmjqm.jpg]

More panty shots!
[Image: mgGPY.jpg]

Dear god, the panty shots!
[Image: cb9ex.jpg]
hahaha dude this has me in stitches ^^

BTW, do you want our characters posted here, or would you prefer we just send 'em to you?
incidentally, i Googled "Howl of the Righteous Storm" to see if i could find that Wiki thing that we set up so very long ago, and i couldn't help but notice that Howl, Torrent and Silver Shade are all believed to be dead.

in the words of Julius Caesar, "Quad the fuck"?

is this going to factor into the reboot? who the fuck is the Black Crow King? and am i peppering this topic with spoilers?

(i btw have no problem with being presumed dead, i'm just surprised to see it online Tongue)

also, reading the stuff about Nihao Honey and the spin-offs has totally got me psyched to play this campaign again Grin
Just send them to me.

And the reason you found that is because you stumbled on the Zaijian Baby wiki, which is Argent's NH-spinoff game. He realized that with you three around there is no more reason for other heroes to exist, so you sadly had to go away. The events of Zaijian Baby are not present in Nihao Honey so you don't need to worry about that.

The Black Crow King is the Big Bad of that particular game. I have partially used him for the reboot, with Argent's permission, but he is dead. His criminal organization, the Black Crow Triads are still around though. They're not a major faction or anything and I don't expect you'll ever need to run into them, but they do exist.
ah, i see ^^ cool stuff tho Smile

does the NH2 Yahoo forum still exist btw? i got stranded on my archiving of the story a loooooong time ago, and have since forgotton my logon info. i don't suppose that, should that stuff still be on line, you could help me get back at it?
NH2 still exists, I even sometimes look through bits of it.

You will need to be a member to access the posts, so you either need to recall your login info or apply for a new membership.
i have applied!
Done and done.
sweeeeeeeeet! Grin thx! ^^
Now send me your character, slacker! Wink
i will Tongue i haven't had time since monday night tho. i can do it tonight from Jelte's Smile
Awesomeness Grin

I am trying to make Silver Shade more "workable".
Allright. Silver Shade is finished.

I have really no idea if the concept I have in my mind will work, but for that I am a flawed statistical metapowermunchkin Smile

WOOT Startage soonish!
Send the sheet please. Smile
Well well well, what have we here...?

The Most Excellent Shining Edge
A heartless smith once was told there was another smith even more skilled than he, so he sought to create his ultimate masterpiece to prove his superiority. He sacrificed many young lives to construct it. Some people he killed so that he could grind the weapon
cooooooooooooool Grin

what does "fully awakened" mean?
Hm, well consider this a special homebrew/prototype. I've just been informed this weapon won't make it into the book.

You know how in WotG when you picked up a god-weapon you were instantly all-powerful? Yeah it won't work like that now. The Most Excellent Shining Edge just works like the baseline weapon, a big axe. Nothing more and nothing less. But it has its own story and destiny. Whenever you adhere to its Fate the weapon's Glory increases by 5. The weapon can also parasite on your story, taking points of entanglement you get from scoring Deeds if it involved the weapon. After all, you may think "cool I picked up a weapon now I can be badass"... but the weapon thinks "cool I picked up a human now I can be badass."

Glory can also go down again. If you oppose its Fate or just don't do anything to increase it for a while then points will be lost. They're a bit like a chi condition, in that they only work if you go along with it.

* Weapons like these can be very powerful
* But they force you to act in a certain manner
* And they can steal your own story's rewards. At some point people might no longer mention you, they just want an interview with the guy-who-uses-the-weapon or they make fanclubs dedicated to the weapon.
That's like totally awesome Grin

Why didn't it made it to the book?
It doesn't quite have the right feel to it that we're going for. Weapon should be a little bit less "holy avenger +5" and a little bit more "this is the sword that once killed an emperor and is now cursed for a thousand years".
Yes Master SageGenesis.
SO, since we're on for monday evening. Let's introduce some food options Grin

Mexicaanse wraps
paella met chorizo, kip en garnalen
In olie gebakken aardappel met vleesragoutrol
De laatste link is niet zoals de anderen...
Ich weiss Grin
Until I have my own website all set up and done I'll use this place to deposit some pictures and info. I figure I'll just do one class per day, that gives us a week to go through the entire school's supply of important NPCs. Some characters you'll be familiar with, others are new, and some familiar faces are gone. Such is life. (Also note that some of you have seen pictures before but those may have been replaced by new ones. The process took a lot of time and occasionally I found better ones.)

Class 1: Horn

Current Strongest: Monkey Princess
Fun-loving, arrogant and irreverent, the Handsome Monkey Princess is a favorite of everybody. Also lovingly called Wukong'er. (This would translate to "Goku-chan" in Japanese.)
[Image: DOcss.jpg]

Broken Hare
A girl with only one arm and one eye. She practices a style that is high-risk, high-reward. It's actually rather effective but once it does go wrong...
[Image: BtXpH.jpg]

Inauspicious Ebon Spirit
A predictionist who specializes in disaster. Don't ask her to foretell your future unless you want to hear about all the bad stuff that's about to happen.
[Image: WItZY.jpg]

Also, moving Torrent over to Eight Legends starts NAO.

Also, if yous wants, I can post Torrent's charsheet on here for y'all to peruse and re-use Smile


I do still have a question, however. I used shorthand while writing down one of my flood powers, and have the following (and it came up in the live stream as well, but I don't remember clearly whether it was answered..)

"If you block, I then flood, laugh at opponent, do not fear him unless enemy has reach."

Now, this still confuses me. Are the 'you' and 'I' correct? It doesn't seem to make sense. I'd expect it to work as follows: "I block opponent, flood a die, then do not fear him unless he has reach", because the enemy blocking doesn't seem like a good reason to not fear him. Me blocking, however, does.

Sage? HALP!
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