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As we're starting a new game on wednesday it seems a good idea to post our characters here, so the GM can get a feel of who and what the players are playing Smile

this seems like a good place to start Smile
Alvir Fuathn

Is a very young elf of about 17 years old. His thin and seemingly frail body is completely clad in dark leather, from his soft boots to his sturdy bracers. His long dark hair is messy and partly dreaded and most of the time it hides his slender thin face. Occasionally you can see his bright green eyes looking warily at you.

He carries a battered antique and ornately decorated quiver filled with black arrows and a seemingly ancient black yew longbow.

he was 5 years old when his village was destroyed by marauding Orcs and he made his first kill to protect his twin sister. His attempts were futile however and she and his mother were killed before his eyes. His uncle, Fenor Fuathn somehow managed to grab little Alvir and flee the burning village. Alvir was badly hurt and suffered from a gruwsome fever which has stunted his muscle growth. his sharp eyes and his raw talent with a bow could make him the best archer in the world one day.

For 12 years Fenor trained and prepared Alvir for the world and tought him not only to kill, hunt and survive, but also to protect the innocent and the meek. As a young boy Alvir never laughed and it took 4 years before he started talking again. Today he can be very passionate about things, whether fun or dangerous.

When Fenor died in a fight with a pack of werewolves a year ago, Alvir buried his beloved uncle and inherited his prize bow and quiver. Alvir guards these with his very life, as one day he hopes to pass the bow on to his own son.

Alvir Fuathn
1st level elf male ranger

statroll:7, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13= -2+4+3+2+2+1=10

Str 7
Con 15
Dex 20
Int 14
Wis 18
Cha 13

Speed 7

AC 17(leather+dex


Class features:
Archer fighting style:
Defense Mobility bonus feat
Hunters Quarry
Minor action to deal +1d6 damage with attack on nearest creature
Prime Shot:
If you are nearest to a target you get +1 to attack

Low light vision
Group awareness (others in party get +1 perception)
Wildstep (ignore difficult terrain when shift)
Elven accuracy
Encounter: reroll an attack roll.


Weapon focus (bows)

Ancient Yew Longbow
Old Battered Quiver
Black Arrows
Adventurers gear


Nimble Strike
Shift 1 square before or after attack
Twin Strike
2 attacks dex vs ac, 1[w] damage (no dexmod)


nice Grin

thanks for starting this topic btw...i've been trying to come up with a campaign name to title the topic with, but as of yet i've had no success and that's of course delayed me in starting a topic :/ (sigh)
We can always ask Voh to rename the topic Wink

((Belphanior sez: You forgot about my powahz? Taste my wrath!))
jeej my turn!

after waking up in a far to small bed.. and finding himself without a memory nor a name.. they call him the stranger..

a small dwarven woman found him in the forest heavely wounded. she took care of him like only a mother would.

"the stranger" level 1 warlock drow

str 10
con 15
dex 13
int 16
wis 12
cha 18

hp 27 (13 bloodied)
surge 6, 8 day

ac 15
fort 12
ref 14
will 15

class features:
misty step
eldrich pact (fey pact)
prime shot
shadow walk
warlocks curse

arcana 8
bluff 9
intimidate 11
streetwise 9

eldrich blast

cloud of darkness

curse of the dark dream


leather armour

so don't know if I've done all of this right. so please check this for me. Wink
haven't had the time to finish the dwarf jet. hope to do so tomorrow.
MaszaH Wrote:haven't had the time to finish the dwarf jet.
This is awesome. We should totally get one of these.

Ok no seriously, here goes:
AC should be 15 (10 base + 2 leather armor +3 int modifier)
Fort should be 12 (10 base + 2 con modifier)
Ref should be 14 (10 base + 3 int modifier + 1 class)
Will should be 15 (10 base + 4 cha modifier + 1 class)

I personally wouldn't take Alertness as the very first feat, but that's just me. I'd take Improved Misty Step or one of the Drow feats from the FR book. But that's personal preference.
thank you updates have been made Wink

and it shall be a very small jet Wink
Harold Stumph (support character)

Harold is a young scholar and mage of about 18 years old. His dusty grey and slightly too short mages robes ( they used to be light blue and yellow) are old and ragged and smell of chemicals and mothballs.

Harold is of average height and build, and his bespectacled face usually looks awed and happy. His brown curly hair is pushed into his eyes by a classic but dusty wizards hat, complete with small runes and star symbols.

On his person he always carries a gnarled old staff and more lore books and scrolls than seem comfortable. Little vials and pouches with ritual components dangle amusingly from his sagging belt. His huge leather boots seem far too big for his feet and thus he always walks a bit clumsily, usually leaning on his staff for balance.

The only shiny thing that Harold seems to possess is a bright and blue light emitting magic orb.

Disagreeing with his father that all knowledge he should ever need to learn can be read in the academic library, Harold gathered his grandfathers old belongings and set out into the world hoping to see as many interesting things as he can.

Armed with a na
did the dwarf today hooray for huiswerkontwijkend gedrag!

so here we go. Sarah Dvir

is a small dwarven lady, she had 10 brothers.. so she turned out to be a bit of a tomgirl with some mothering issues Wink

Sarah Dvir: fighter (dwarf)

str 15
con 17
dex 15
int 10
wis 12
cha 10

HP: 32 (16 bloodied)
surges: 11 (8)

ac: 16
fort: 15
ref: 12
will: 11

class features:
combat challenge
combat superiority
fighter weapon talent

athletics: 7
dungeonering: 3
endurance: 10
intimidate: 5

reaping strike

spinning sweep

brute strike

and ofcourse powerattack baby (no she doesn't throw babies!)

Armour: chainmail
weapon: greataxe
they all look like fun characters Smile Arik what class was your last character again?
hmm none of our chars seem to have high ACs ^_^
Celamis Constant
(References to Jean Celamis Lutz and Constant Girard.)

From the same city comes Celamis Constant, from a similar but more martial order. They focus on combining chronomancy with swordplay. Like D
Naturally, both my characters are based on the Xelor (read that backwards for fun) from wakfu and dofus.

Oh, and in Martial Power there's some good options for high-con fighters like miss Dvir.
Are there more books I've never heard of that are useful? Smile
Books we have available (whether we can use a particular something is up to Ben, naturally):

Forgotten Realms Player's Guide.
Includes the Drow and Genasi (elemental humanoid) as PC races. Swordmage class, and the Dark pact for warlocks. Naturally also has feats and paragon paths available, most of which are setting-neutral.

Martial Power.
Tons of options for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords. Includes new "types" (such as the beast-ranger instead of dual wield or archery), powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies. Looked remarkably balanced to me.

Adventurer's Vault
Includes hundreds of magical items, some new and some updates from older editions. Also has rules for alchemy (hurray tanglefoot bags and smokesticks!), mounts, vehicles, and last but not least more superior items. Where the PHB really only provides a superior sword and dagger, AV has superior swords, daggers, spears, axes, bows, hammers, picks, flails, and more. Also more military and simple weapons though, like the broadsword, khopesh, and scourge.

Which reminds me...

Sarah Dvir may want to replace her feat with Dwarven Weapon Training, which gives proficiency with all axes and hammers and a +2 damage bonus for them. This opens up very attractive options.

Execution Axe. 2-handed superior axe. +2 proficiency bonus. 1d12 damage. Brutal 2, high crit.
Mordenkrad. 2-handed superior hammer. +2 proficiency bonus. 2d6 damage. Brutal 1.

Brutal means that any damage die that comes up that number or less may be re-rolled. So the execution axe can never roll a 1 for damage (don't you hate it when that happens?).

Edit: To prove the sheer scope of AV, I did a quick count and found that it contained 103 new types of magical armor and 25 new types of magical staff. Just to get an idea of what we're talking about here.
ah right Smile AV i've got Smile

why would anyone not use a greatbow?
i do hate it when that happens! D:

this is all looking great you guys Smile as far as i can tell, the only thing i'm really missing is why marica's characters are on the road, out for adventure, not at home with a warm mug of cider in front of the fire.

Arik's characters're out doing good deeds cause one of them had a funny dream and the order needed her protected.
Jelte's characters're also out doing good deeds cause one of them was raised that way and the other's just looking for adventure.
Marcia's characters're...................?
Quote:why would anyone not use a greatbow?
Because it costs a feat you may not be able to afford at level 1 quite yet. Which is the exact same reason as "why would anyone not use a bastard sword?", really.

I think 4e really wants you to upgrade to the best weapons possible and leave the inferior ones for NPCs and rookies. Which is confusing if you come out of the 3e mindset, where exotic weapons are made out of suck and fail, instead of actually providing something you'd want over the standard ones. With only one or two exceptions for special rule-abuses *cough*spikedchain*cough*.

Yes, you should take the greatbow. The game expects you to. It's the superior choice, why settle for the inferior?
well to sum it up real short....

one doesn't know who he is.. so he's trying to find out! the other has a mommy complex so she can't let him go by him self.. he might get hurt! the poor thing Wink

and arik. if I change my feat I won't be able to cleave won't I?
No, that's 3e you're thinking of. Power Attack is a feat. Cleave is an at-will power. You don't need one to use the other.

Welcome to 4e. Smile
oeeeeh... ain't that lovely!
Being both raised by Dwarves, both your characters are probably Lawful Good right? ;P
here's a little thing that took me far too long to complete, inspired by something Arik said yesterday Smile

Quote:He'd spent many long nights stargazing. His grandfather had brought the art of the Smith to his village and its closely guarded secrets had been carefully passed first to his father and then, when he'd grown old enough to wield a hammer, himself. His mind was that of a Smith, but his heart knew the Wanderlust of the Adventurer. He was unable to find the courage to realize his dreams however. Thus his days were spent in the heat of the forge and his nights with his eyes turned to the heavens.

The night that he saw the comet fall to earth in a blaze of sputtering fire, he knew what he had to do. He left as soon as the gray light of dawn drove the evil of the night back into the dark places. His wife was furious as he took his leave, but he only kissed her forehead and told her that he would be back soon. She didn't understand why he had to go and she cursed and hit him for it. The sting of her fists on his chest and the flat of her palm on his face comforted him as he walked into the unknown. It was good to know she loved him so.

It would be four days and four nights before he would return. When he did he was dirty and his smith's hammer, which he took with him by way of a weapon, was bloodied and stained. His wife flew into his arms and sobbed with anger and relief and love. She'd given him up for dead after the third night and seeing him again was almost too much for her.

She asked if he found what he went looking for. By way of an answer, he unslung the heavy pack from his shoulders and from it he pulled two packages wrapped in cloth. The cloths he unfolded to reveal large chunks of metal, one coloured a dark silver, the other the colour of the earth. He told her that he had found the fallen comet and that he'd split it in twain with his hammer. Inside it was riddled with veins of these two metals. He took all he could from it with the tools he had with him and now that he was home, it was time to heat the forge.

For three whole days and nights the light of the forge spilled from its windows. He only stopped working when his body demanded it be fed or rested. His wife would watch him work from time to time. Her eyes reflected the worry in her heart, for she'd never known him to be so gripped. Then, one morning, he woke her gently and brought her from their bed to the forge. There lay the fruits of his labours; three weapons of strange and frightening form, the likes of which had never before been seen in the village. Full of pride he showed her how they moved, how they lay in his hands. They shone with the strange light of the alloyed star-metals and they were breathtaking. With some sadness she saw the look in his eyes and knew that he would be leaving her again soon. When he did a few days later, she didn't shout nor hit him. Instead, she watched him ride off into the dawn, his weapons by his side. Her cheeks shone wet with her tears. She knew she would never see him again.

She lived her life as a widow should. Her mourning was poignant and heart-felt and she worked even harder for it. The whole of the village saw this and approved; she became the example by which all others were measured. Her shock was enormous when one day, she saw him ride back into town atop a shaggy pony. The logs for the fireplace tumbled from her arms and she ran to him. He sat half dead in the saddle. His arm hung in a tattered and amateurish sling and his hair was crusted thickly with blood from a gash upon his brow. His skin was ashen and though it terrified her to see him in this way, she bade some of those gawking at the sight to help her bring her man home.

She bathed him and tended his wounds. All the while he remained still and silent, his eyes never once meeting hers. His sleep that night was haunted by terrible dreams, but she remained at his side, bathing his forehead and watching over him. At daybreak she left him to start the work of the day and shortly before midday, she saw him rise painfully from their bed. She helped him to the table and sat him down. She placed a bowl of stew and a hunk of bread before him and sat and watched him eat. For a while, he did not look at her. Then, finally, his eyes rose and they met hers. He smiled painfully and caressed her soft cheek with his large calloused hand. Her equally work-worn hand slid over his and held it. She whispered, "Husband, where have you been?" And he shook his head and shuddered.

"Wife, I cannot tell you. There are things I have seen, things I have no name for. Things that have cured me of my foolish Wanderlust for good." He paused. A faraway look entered his eyes as he looked past his wife.

"May I tell you of one more folly, wife?" He asked finally. "I dream of the sons you would bear me. To them, as my father did me and his father him, I will pass on the secrets of the Smith. When I split the comet and harvested its bounty, I dreamt also of putting names to its metals. They were to be the same names I wished to give our sons. Their namesakes were to become their fortunes." Bitterly, he cast his eyes to the floor.

"But wife, I forged those weapons of purest Suck and Fail. The star-metals do not deserve the names I would give our sons. I want nothing more to do with them." He fell silent then and she wiped her eyes with her sleeve, for they had begun to mist with tears again. She rubbed his hand and stood. Kissing his crown, she embraced him before clearing the table of his bowl.

"Welcome home, husband."
@ nar: haha, that was a pretty funny breach of style there.

@ JLT: I noticed all your at-wills target Reflex. Which is cool and all, but be aware that some foes are going to be hard to hurt like that.
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