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Full Version: [Eberron / 13th Age] Lucky Number 13
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The system is 13th Age.

The setting is Eberron, where the number 13 is a special theme throughout its setting; there are 13 nations, there are 13 other planes of existence, there are 13 moons (although did one disappear a long time ago), there are 13 special dragonmarks. And so on.

How is this not a match made in heaven?

If you need it, here is the System Reference site again:

How do you all want to do stat generation?
a. The classic 4d6 drop the lowest, six times.
b. The more balanced point-buy.
c. You get one free 16 and roll the rest with 4d6 drop lowest, guaranteeing you have a great stat.
d. Something else, probably involving ouija boards and grasovka?
Still stoked.

I love rolling but it does often end up in unfair scores if you look at individual outcomes. For a short, throw-away campaign I'd be fine with it, but I think I'd prefer point-buy for max fairness.

If we do feel like having some more fun with chargen, I'd still say no to classic 6x4d6, but 16 + 5x4d6 would be acceptable!
Wasn't the Ebberon setting kinda steam punkish?
A bit more magitech than steam, but yeah, it sort of is!
i too would prefer point buy chargen. i dig rolling, but share robin's reasoning and reservations Smile
vote for option 'd' Grin

Also I'd like to initiate a vote on foodstuffs Smile
1) Kipshoarma
2) Pasta pesto, tonijn, broccoli
3) thaise curry met makreel en rijst
4) Hamburgers mer krieltjes en broccoli
I'm cool with 1 or 3, I'd say.
Then: Arik!!
Shoarma or Thai curry with mackerel? Grin
Just in case of a gettogether, foodoptions!

1) Kip met spitskool
2) Zomerse pastasalade met gerookte kipfilet
3) Bonenstoof met rundergehakt
4) Pasta pesto met courgette en tonijn
aight dudes. unless something unfortunate and unforeseen occurs, i should be good to go monday Grin

what's the plan?
I'm currently a bit sickly but I do expect to be available monday. I'm not 100% certain I'll have the energy to prep a good first session beforehand, though.

Meaning it'll come down to one of two options.

1. I prep a session and we play.
2. I don't prep a a session and we work on Infinity. (Jeroen, can you seduce Hyung into being available?)
we could also hammer out some final details for Eberron (i need to complete Maxine and put her on a character sheet and/or we could discuss what our party's all about (or y'all could bring me up to speed on what you've already discussed)).

mucking about with Infinity's also an interesting option ^^ there're plenty of options!
Why not both?
for instance! Grin
I'll check on Hyung if he's available this Monday Grin
It will be Monday tomorrow!!

I'm positive minded, soooo.........Dineroptions Smile

1) Romige witvis met broccoli
2) Krieltjes met hamburger en een maiskolf
3) Thaise curry met kip, rijstnoodles en pappadums
4) Pittige hutpspot met zoete aardappel en kipshoarma
all sound great! Grin i am slightly less interested in #3 today, but would absolutely be happy with it, should it be most popular. honestly, my favourite is #4 ^^
#4 confuses me, Jeroen, you say it's sweet potato, but it's not?
I adjusted the recepy a bit, so its with sweet potato now Grin

Edit: 50% sweet potato. 100% gets soggy Wink
Ah, okay. 4 it is!
I shall not be available the 23rd of July.
I'll be absent on August 6, 13 and 20!
We're ON! Thus foodstuffs Smile

1) Krieltjes in de schil met een maiskolf en hamburger
2) de welbekende Pasta met tonijn, pesto en courgette
3) Rijst met sajoer boontjes en kipkebab
4) Linzencurry met kip
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