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Full Version: Birthright: Ruins of Empire
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Setting: One day, the Gorgon came. And he brought with him his hordes of goblins, dwarves, and evil men. With blade and spear and foul magic they overwhelmed the armies of Anuire and harvested the noble families.

They have since left but the darkness remains. Disbanded armies of goblins are on the prowl, pillaging and settling tiny goblin kingdoms in the places where once proud human cities stood. The safe lands to the far west are overwhelmed with refugees, bringing famine and plague with them. Old rivalries set brother against brother. The wicked and the craven alike wield power now, in these devastated lands.

And yet... heroes will rise. Young men and women of noble blood may yet banish the shadow's touch from these lands. There are enemies to vanquish, lost treasures to regain, secrets to unearth. This is not where Anuire ends. This is where you reforge it.

System: A modified version of the The One Ring RPG. This game was originally made for a Hobbit/LotR kind of style and fits the mood perfectly. Combat is dangerous, magic is subtle, and long journeys can be fraught with peril.

Style: Heroism and some Tragedy. The problems in this world are great. This is about fallen kingdoms and entire families going nearly extinct, apocalyptic scenarios, and genuine evil. But the good news is, you can put a stop to it. Not without effort, or sacrifice, or loss. But you can make this corner of the world a better place.

This game is also meant to be more in line with folkore and mythology. Monsters can often talk or do bizarre things, like challenge you to riddle contests or are defeated by unconventional means. (E.g. the original Tarasque was tamed by converting it to Christianity.)

The Who and How and Logistics: This is meant to be an every-now-and-then game. I have a solid core of three players thus far in Jasper, Jelte, and Melchior, but more are welcome. I also explicitly extend invitations to "guest star" players, for those who might join once or twice but can't commit to joining a new game all the time. By all means drop in if you can make it.

Show me the crunch:

Naturally this is just some conversion notes, not a full explanation of the The One Ring system. We'll probably have to meet up to create a PC. And naturally I'll gladly answer any questions, here or face to face.
A fan of the setting and at the very least interested in guest-starring. Remind me, does every-now-and-then mean weekend days, weekday evenings or either? Edit: is this the odd Tuesday game?
Every now and then means we plan a session whenever we can/want to, without a set pattern. In practice I expect it to be weekend days, probably every other month or so. I'd like it to be a bit more frequent than that but I've got to be realistic about these things.

That's also where the guest stars come in, by the way. If some of the "core" players can make it and there's a "guest star" or two to form a nice sized party, the plan is to game on. There's no absolute need to have every single player there every single time. Hopefully that will allow for a couple of extra sessions.
This sounds like something I am VERY interested in, considering the system, setting, and players.

Consequently, I would like to join.
And you're welcome to!

A couple of other things in order to get this thing off the ground:

1. Amongst the core players I'd like at the very least one Anuirean, more are also welcome. Guest players should also consider it as an option. This game does take place in the Anuirean corner of the continent, after all, so if everybody turns out to be a dwarf then there's really not much reason for them to stick around this hellhole. If you're not Anuirean, consider the reasons why you're staying here. Born here to immigrant parents? Personal loyalty to some other character? Some sort of goal you're after?

2. Here's a (big) map of the place:
The Gorgon's forces swept in through Markazor (top-right ish) towards the heartlands and got as far as, roughly, Alamie, Ghoere, and the north of Roesone. Tuornen and Endier have also been frayed a bit at the edges. That should give you some idea of where the lands are most devastated. Given that travel is not by no means easy or safe in this setting/system, do people have any sort of idea where they'd like to start out? That's a bit of a broad question, I know, but are there any preferences in terms of, say, climate or geography? Or the types of problems you'd like to encounter first? Does venturing into the Spiderfell sound appealing to you (you madman!), or are you more into human bandits and succession wars?

If we all can get some basic idea clear of what we expect from the game it could help narrowing down the (initial) game area.

3. I know not everybody is as familiar with Birthright as others. For those lost by all the strange words and province names which look like a random handful of tiles from the Scrabble bag: it's not as weird as it seems. It's just medieval Europe, kind of, with some fantasy elements and a different map. Most of the established canon got killed off in this scenario anyway so the setting doesn't even resemble the original anymore in many ways. If you're interested in joining you don't need to learn a whole fantasy setting's background to "keep up" or anything.
cool, I favor fighting goblins and to help out in the devastated areas of the map.
I could see my character as a Haelyn clergyman perhaps a warrior of sorts, against all odds trying to bring justice back to a lawless land. (haelyn's aegys? Ghoerean?)
Weekend days are hard for me due to family, but this does sound like great fun. I'd really like to join on a case by case basis. If if it'd fit the campaign and regulars, I'd go for the dumb as a brick monster slayer archetype.
All sounds good to me.

Note that there aren't rules for divine intervention though. Priests are no more or less capable than laypeople (though they might claim differently).
And claim it he will.
I'm thinking half elf from the elven lands looking for vengeance and his old human parents/family but perhaps finding a new family instead?

Or a grim rjuvic merc looking for fame and fortune but perhaps finding the true meaning of friendship instead?
oeh character arcs
(21-02-2018 15:36:27)(me) Melchior Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thinking half elf from the elven lands looking for vengeance and his old human parents/family but perhaps finding a new family instead?

Or a grim rjuvic merc looking for fame and fortune but perhaps finding the true meaning of friendship instead?

holy shit. can this arc/these arcs also be chronicled diary/adventure log style? Grin
(21-02-2018 15:48:57)nar Wrote: [ -> ]holy shit. can this arc/these arcs also be chronicled diary/adventure log style? Grin

I suspect that if Jelte is present, he will indeed keep an in-character log, if the Summer Loving campaign was any indication.

Also, Ben, you can totally just join us every now and then if you want.
it'd be super cool to join in sometime. maybe one day the stars'll align in my favour ^^

in the meantime, have a blast dudes! Grin
I'm thinking rogue/bandit turned good. Wasn't very worried when the Gorgon came, had a good hideout and the Gorgon only comes for the nobles and what not. Turned out there was more to my father then I knew, and now I'm dealing with the concept of lineage and new found responsibility for these lands.
Something like that?
nice, misschien tijd om een keertje af te spreken met zo veel mogelijk voor char gen? ftf of skype?
(21-02-2018 22:46:17)Jazzper-11 Wrote: [ -> ]Something like that?

(21-02-2018 23:10:37)(me) Melchior Wrote: [ -> ]nice, misschien tijd om een keertje af te spreken met zo veel mogelijk voor char gen? ftf of skype?

Dat is wel een goed idee. Chargen hoeft niet per se met iedereen samen (zeker niet als er ook guest star spelers in het spel zitten) maar is natuurlijk wel leuker. Ik kijk dan vooral naar Jelte en Jasper om aan te geven wanneer ze zouden kunnen? Het kan redelijk vlot gaan, een PC heb je echt wel met 10 minuten al klaar als je al een beetje weet wat je wil.
top, het is zoizo leuk met zn allen een beetje een verhaal kunnen verzinnen waarom wij, of sommige van ons, al een beetje bij elkaar zijn.
Ook lijkt mij een kleine afstemming van skills fijn zodat niet iedereen Smoking en Herb lore kiest en vervolgens niemand kaart kan lezen.

Ik heb een voorkeur voor een avond voorafgaand aan een vrije dag, voor het geval het gezellig wordt.
Dit betekent voor mij dinsdag (Gok dat dit alleen voor mij geld), vrijdag of zaterdag avond.
Voor de korte termijn zou ik kunnen op:
16 & 17-3
23 & 24-3
30 & 31-3.

Eventueel andere avonden zijn niet per se uitgesloten, voor het geval anderen dat beter uit komt.
Zaterdagavonden zitten vol tot eind maart, maar vrijdagavonden en dinsdagavonden kunnen een klein beetje makkelijker, maar t zit al erg vol. Ook kan het makkelijker als het bij mij thuis is, maar dat zou ik even moeten overleggen.

Ik kijk nu naar vrij 16-03
Ik kan 16-3. Liever iets eerder, als het kan, maar misschien is dat gewoon te kort dag. Het zou ook niet een middag kunnen?
27-2? heeft @oddman al een idee?
27-2 komt mij niet goed uit
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